Roll Call: Ryder Cup (Paris)


I will be heading over for the Ryder Cup and wanted to see who has tickets or planning to go? Due to that ridiculous parking lot piece they put in before you can buy I only have Thursday tickets.

Would love a meet up over a crepe and kronenbourg


I’m heading over from England. Just got tickets for Day 1 and 2, but no idea where I’m staying yet or travel plans. Looks like Central Paris is probably going to be most affordable and then plenty of train or bus options to the course


Yes I am looking at central paris as well and might do a air bnb


I was planning to go with some friends from NYC, but they aren’t fully committing and I kind of want to get it locked down. If anyone is looking to fill out a group, let me know!


The wife and I planned our vacation around it. Going to be there Day 1.


Any advice on how to get tix for one day? I bought my flight and Airbnb but i dont have tix yet. hoping it’s not too difficult but need like four tix for Friday


There is another try for tickets next Thursday.


After doing some cursory research, it appears I’m late to the game for purchasing general admission tickets via the European Tour. There are some VIP packages available (in excess of $1,500). Does anyone have tips for a trusted re-seller or third party where I could buy general admission tickets?


You can try Thursday they are releasing more tickets


Got tickets for Thurs & Sun. Jumping off point for two weeks in Europe/UK. Will be rocking plenty of Stars & Stripes (& NLU) gear both days - can’t wait to be there in person to watch the 25 year drought end.


i only have Thursday so I am trying hard tomorrow for Friday or Sat


Can we get @TheMerchCzar working on an updated Stars and Stripes collection?


going to need a special “ryder cup collection”


Did anyone else get them this AM? I got Friday tickets now as well


My Sunday tickets are confirmed and I’m acting like a schoolgirl at work.

I really need @Soly , @Tron and @djpie to compile and etiquette guide for this event. I don’t want to go full ugly American in France, but then again, maybe I do. What’s the dress code, what chants are okay, how far is too far with heckling, etc.?


do you know where you’re staying just yet? Def need to have a no laying up meet up


Not certain about that detail yet.

Has anyone gotten better details on transport aside from the link below? Everything I see online just says “take the train”, but that’s not super helpful.


Have you been to paris? I got the transport card as it’s going to be the easiest and is a great value for getting around paris.


Hey everyone - I will be attending with a friend for Saturday and Sunday’s play over from England. We are staying at Mercure Paris Velizy, not too far away.


100 days until Ryder Cup Sunday and we’re popping bottles on foreign soil!

Since it’s looking plausible that IJP Design might play on the Euro squad I’ve been trying to find a custom jersey maker that will let me put “thuggish jingoism” on the back. So far no luck.