Roll Call: Rhode Island

Yo Mike! Rob and I were just talking about you since we both left Valley. Hope to see ya this spring!


Brand new to RI, how do you like Warwick CC? Looking at either joining there or Wanu in Middletown. Haven’t seen either yet but have heard excellent things about both!


The views, F&B, and conditioning are better at Warwick - also more “country club” perks (pool, tennis, etc.). Layout at Wannu is more fun.

How did Monday go at Met?

Great views and good conditioning at Warwick, I would go with them

Today is a sad day.

Message from Metacomet Board

Subject: 2019 Year in Review and Plans for 2020

Dear Members:

We would like to inform the Membership that we have entered discussions toward the possible sale of the Club property. It is probably not a surprise to our members that our first calendar year was financially difficult, with our losses higher than in the Club’s two prior years. Our high hopes and primary intent were to grow the Club’s Membership to levels necessary to support the club with minimal “Outside” play and to maintain the Club as a private club. Based on the golf dynamics of the club and the state, and the downward trends of the golf industry, in general we do not see a path toward our ability to do that as a private or even semi-private club.

Since our November meeting, we have been approached by several development groups interested in acquiring the property, one of which we have chosen to proceed with. Part of the discussion involves this group potentially keeping the course open for the balance of the golf season as a public course. Based on the current discussions, if this transaction were to be completed, it would likely be finalized by the end of June or July of this year.

It is our intention to come back to you within the week with a “Pay as you go” monthly billing program beginning March 1st. For those of you who have paid dues in advance, we will return your prepaid amounts within the next few weeks. We have discussed with this group a preference to maintain a “monthly dues” level and still provide protected tee times on Friday afternoons and weekend mornings. We cannot commit this to you, but it is a keen point of interest. There will be no further monthly food and beverage minimums.

We will come back to you shortly with a final-year calendar of events, which will have a far more limited tournament schedule. We would like to maintain plans for the Metacomet 4 Ball, which as of now is scheduled for June 11th, 12th and 13th. Other tournament dates will be presented in the next week.

We will attempt to be as timely as possible in advising you as more details get resolved and as this situation develops.


Steve Napoli

Brendan VanDeventer

Tim Fay

Brad Faxon

Karl Augenstein


That’s sad to hear. Maybe I’m not reading that right but are they fully shutting it down after the sale or going full public?

It looks like they are going full public this year and closing at EOY 2020.

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That is sad. Hopefully Karl can pull something off and take it over instead of a developer. I don’t know if it’s true but I heard his lease on Triggs might be coming up so maybe he can swing something for Met. A public Metacomet is better than a former golf course being covered with Condos.

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Hey all, just discovered this forum. I live in Warwick and work in Warren, but a member at Fall River CC (I’m 32, but my dad’s from there and him and his buddies have all been members there 30+ years). Sad to hear about Metacomet, it’s right down the street from my work it’s a great course.

Good to see some RI people on here.

Public is better than condos for MET. Tough for them to complete on a private level within a 30 mile radius with no pool, tennis, views, etc. Still a great track.

is there even a driving range at Met? Played there Monday and don’t remember seeing one, did not look that hard though.

They utilize one of the fairways on the back 9 when there is not someone playing up that fairway.

yeah, yeah met needs to be a public course.

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no, there isn’t. but as @Gunner22 says, there is a little flat area just to the right of 11 tee so often in the summer there are yellow range balls all over that fairway. you can’t ever hit more than a 180 shot off the warmup area.

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On a different note, weather is going to be in the 50s next three days.

When I was member there (almost 20 years ago) we used 11 but also used a tee box just the right of the 6th tee box and hit up 6 and down 2. Not having a driving range was never really an issue.

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I always feel a little twinge in my stomach when I see courses close, this being a Ross stings a little more than usual.


Anyone planning on attending the Senior Open at NCC this summer? I will more than likely be there

Yes, I plan on attending on Friday. Saturday at Wanney for the New England Invitational.