Roll Call: Oklahoma

I don’t have anything to do with the Summer Slam and I’m not able to play in it, but it’s open to anyone, run by some good dudes and wanted to share if y’all wanted to play in a relaxed tourney. I played in their event last month and it was really fun.

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this is easily the best refuge comment of the month. thanks for the detailed update!

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This is the 4th Gunga tournament of the summer and the last. I played in the ones prior and they were a lot of fun!

Friends of mine from college have put it together. Live scoring through out the event via google docs and an overall good vibe. I’ll be there!

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I just sent my $$ to this Chase character. Looking forward to it already.


New Lincoln merch.


We’ve had a few spots open up for this last minute if anyone else is interested in signing up, put your name on the sheet (we’ll update it later tonight) and/or DM @mctrees02 and me.


Here is a link for a draft kings group for the open. Come join!!! GOLF Thu 12:35 AM CDT - $5 entry - 64/100 spots filled *** DraftKings - PGA $5 100-Player (Top 3 Win)

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Can confirm: Green Day at Cain’s Ballroom was siiiiick


Glad someone made it to that. I was tempted to make the drive up from Norman.


Only weird thing was that there was no encore. Lights came on, but everyone stood around waiting until they basically took every piece of equipment off the stage. Still though, such a good time

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So jealous

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This was another one of those events that had me wishing I lived up in Tulsa.
Green Day pop-up show, and Phish is apparently rehearsing for their tour at the BOK center this week, before they play in Arkansas on the 28th.


Did Jimmie Austin go fully private?

you might be on to something, but not that I’m aware of. I think they severely limit the # of public tee times. I have tried to get on several times this year and they ask if i’m a member (i have OU faculty creds, but not a membership), then they turn me down saying, ‘sorry no public times available’

sounds as though the SEC elitism has already begun


This sucks. I figured there was zero chance I’d ever get on that short course/training thing they built, but I figured a non-resident alum would still be able to play the main course on a home game weekend in the fall…

you might be able to, but they arent going to let you book more than 7days out.
Keep me posted and I’ll see if I can poke a member about getting you(us?) on.


I’d be way up for this if the offer is extended. Coming into town from Denver and was looking to play an early morning round on 8/20 with a buddy who happens to be one half of Red Dirt Golf Collective.

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50% of RDGC should be plenty to get us on. Local celebs!


New Yolk with Doak below: he speaks about Dornick around the 37min mark. I won’t spoil other than he affirms we’ll be open for play nov/dec - tho I’m sure it will be in limited capacities

Currently about 6 greens are shaped and ready for seeding - the target date for which is first of Sept (temp contingent). I think most all the other greens have been approved for drainage/shaping also.