Roll Call: Ohio


I’m in Cincinnati. Grew up in Dayton and went to OSU in Cbus. There is some great golf in all three cities. I recently joined Maketewah here in Cincy.


I really like Mak … I think there’s really neat variety and the greens keep you on your feet, plus your short game range is nuts! I recently joined Losantiville


If anyone is interested in playing one of the courses at NCR, here is your chance for $200.


Originally from Grove City, Columbus suburb, and now live in Cincinnati. Parents still live in Grove City so I play in the Cbus area a couple times every year.

Course I most want to play in Cincy is Camargo CC. Thanks to Andy Johnson, The Fried Egg, I am so curious to see/play a Seth Raynor course.


Get that handicap down and you can play in a US Amateur qualifier at Camargo for around $100…I have only played nine there, but it was impressive.


I’ve never played Losantiville, but always hear how great the greens are. One of my neighbors is a member there.


Cincinnati here, play out of Wetherington. Tough course to play the ole bomb and gouge at


Brunswick resident here - about a half hour south of cleveland. Like to play out of a little hidden gem in Medina called shale creek.


Played US Jr Am qualifier at Kenwood years ago, still one of my favorites in the area. I know this is an Ohio thread, but Northern Kentucky has some treats as well just 15 minutes away.