Roll Call: Ohio

held the Ohio am there this year. One of my buddies played in it and said the course was real good

I asked one of my friends if he wanted to play at Deer Ridge. He’s gonna get back to me.

Yeah, the course was great. After about the fourth hole my head wasn’t in it at all due to some people messing with my daughter, so I played the last 14 or so holes in a daze and completely distracted. Played with a member, and he was open about telling us about the history and such. The course was in great shape, the greens were perfect, and the architecture has stood the test of time. A good golf course that asks you to hit good shots and rewards them. A little local knowledge is helpful (as it is anywhere), particularly to know where the steeper slopes are on some of the greens so you don’t leave yourself a three-foot-breaking eight-footer.

Thank you for the replies. @Randy and @MerchCzar playing some high end golf eh? :slight_smile: More power to 'em. They’re still #Strapped at heart, no? :smiley:


I’ll play the 11th. Put my info on the sheet.


I should know by Tuesday if I can make it or not.


So here’s this…trying to get it off the ground so I can start working on a date.


Blue tees at Boulder Creek on the 18th handicap par 3 12th were at 215 to the middle yesterday (downhill, downwind, but still). Random pairing today with @FanFirst at Fowler’s (awesome time, man!), lot of Boulder talk, I agree it has a lot of unrealized potential, but it’s fun for what it is


Worthington Hills seems to get left out of the Cbus private conversation, any takes? Have always wanted to play it and possibly join once life takes me back to Ohio.


There is a lot of private club talk here but I’m a SW Ohio muni boi. Without divulging any personal information can someone give me an idea what all these clubs actually cost? The only place near me I would even consider joining is Hamilton Elks and that’s not exactly on the same level. Not a lot going on in my neck of the woods of the 275 loop.

we have good Munis in Cincy with CRC + GPoHC. Aston is a relatively inexpensive public course if you don’t mind afternoon tee times too

Yea I play all those. Was curious about all the Columbus and Northern Ohio private club talk. I legit have no idea what a private club costs it has never been on my radar because of where I live and who I grew up with. It’s a goal in life if the right situation presented itself.

I’ve always enjoyed the hills. Tough fast greens. Haven’t played it in about 5 years.

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Enjoy it while it lasts!


Lots of clubs punching this week, the severity of which depending on how the season went. Last few days to squeeze in the summer course!

I’m really glad I was given the option to get out ahead of the foursomes. Waiting on the 2nd tee and we play up together only for @blackhammer to make the comment, “Nice towel” on the green. Come to find out, we live about 10 minutes from each other and unknowingly drove about 40 minutes to play golf. It was cool to meet you and we will definitely get together again.

FYI to everyone - Fowler’s Mill have freshly punched greens. I think they got tired when they got to 18 as it wasn’t blown off. Wasn’t too bad though. They held approaches well and I felt that if you hit a good putt it would stay mostly online. Except for maybe my birdie putt on the par 3 13th…it may have gone past the hole and settled in the bottom of it

Good track. Course is always in good shape and greens are kept as fast as any course in the state year round.

As far as an overall club goes it’s hard to beat. Especially if you have a family and / or play tennis. Really good tennis facilities (including platform), along with the pool and gym.


Saw the winning score for the US 4-ball qualifier at Sand Ridge was 62. Having never played it, should I be as totally blown away as I am? Sure it’s a 4-ball, with really good players, but goddam that sounds low!

I’ve never played it either. -10 with -9 being the 2 alternates is crazy good golf. With the location of the course and the rain, I would bet the course was kind of soft. Played at Fowler’s on Sunday and it was cart path only.

Anyone ever play in a 10 man scramble? I have a group playing in one at Belterra on Nov 1st. Organizer said they did a couple in previous year and it was a lot of fun. Curious what we should even expect.

Shoot me a DM with your email and I will send you a sheet I put together. A buddy and I are planning to switch clubs so I put something together to keep track of all the costs.