Roll Call: Ohio (Post fall maintenance intel if you got it!)

Welcome! Great to hear your story and awesome that you are cancer free!

I’m in Columbus (UA) as well, along with a solid number of guys in the OATW roost. Always looking for new people to play with in the area. Like @methridge said check out the roost sign up and events as well, great way to meet people and #getinvolved.


Ditto to everything here, our roost has 115 folks in it and so far @OTPLefty is the only asshole I’ve found. In all seriousness, we’ve got a good thing going and the beauty of it all is I don’t see it stopping.

We’d love your company!


Joined. Thank you!


That’s weird, I can think of two right offhand.


Where is the link for the Findlay google sheet?

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For those interested in hearing about my cancer journey and how my golf addiction came about, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Cody on NLU’s Downrange podcast. Pumped to be getting more involved with the clean bill of health! Spotify


Welcome aboard! Didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Have enjoyed following your journey on Twitter. Love your music! The Strapped song was too good.


Oh shit, I know who you are now…whoa…


Hey I follow you on twitter. Welcome.

We have slots open for Maxamania. Please jump on in and come have a blast with us.

Those of you in the Northern Columbus area, Tablerock GC near Sunbury has opened the front 9 for free until Memorial day. Just taking donations as the back 9 is under construction. I’m in the area if anyone needs a playing partner or Sherpa. Cheers.


That’s a name I haven’t heard in a loooooooong time. Was always an interesting course and the ties to Scotty always intrigued me.

This course and ties to Scotty is the reason one of my kids name is Cameron and the boys got these as a gift in the mail after their birth.


I also see the welded and signed Cameron putter stand in those pictures. You’ve spent some money on some Scotty’s haven’t you?

I’ll just say it’s been very nice to know people without having the financial burden. Kinda like knowing a member at a swanky private club as your golf friend.



" Due to ongoing improvements and weather delays we will be opening as a 9 hole golf course (the front 9) for the month of April.

The pricing will remain the same, $25 for 18 and $20 for 9 holes, for those seeking to play 18 holes the front 9 would be played twice"

You spend some time at ICC? Or on TCC?

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Went to six of them I think


God damn, I bet we crossed paths then. I was lucky enough to go to one of them.

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