Roll Call: Ohio (Post fall maintenance intel if you got it!)

You’re in


Saw the thread but not able to reply



OK everyone should be added to the thread (90 of us!)

Here’s the link for the Roost sign up sheet if anyone hasn’t signed up yet.


Sorry for the possible dumb question, can I get a rundown of the events already planned for the roost? Findlay might be too far for me but is there one around the Cleveland area?


So we have:

Cincy on 4/23 - Cincy Shakedown 4/23 - #2 by golf4miami
Findlay on 5/14 - No Findlay-Ing Up - May 14 2022 - Findlay, OH
Cleveland at Kiki on 6/4 - sign up sheet upcoming
Columbus on 7/30 - sign up sheet upcoming

Then the match play happening throughout the year. - THE Ohio State Matchplay - Sign Ups Underway


There’s an event on June 4th at Manakiki being planned. You’re in Buffalo, right? Should be an easy drive. 90 the whole way.


I must have missed the date, I’m going to edit it into my reply. Thank you!

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I am. Thank you and @golf4miami for your responses. Yeah, I’m in for the Manakiki event whenever that signup goes up. I might be in Columbus for the ND v tOSU game as well. Probably not at the game cause tixs are insane but certainly would be fun to tailgate and have fun around the Shoe.


Just waiting on confirmtion documentation from the manager at Manakiki, as soon as that’s in hand we’ll go live


I need to get out there and play it again before the event. My last time around there was 2010. Cleveland is so funny. Anything that far east feels like Long Island to me lol


Big news on the BTP (Bag tag program) front

Given that virtually everyone has selected the same option I’m going to roll with Maple and logos on both sides, the only variations were in how people wanted their names/refuge handles and cord color. Given mega advances in production technology (#lasers spurred on by some long winded handles and the need to produce these at a relatively rapid clip) I can now make these at significantly higher “resolution”. What does this mean for you? You can have your name and handle (or some variation thereof) along with the logos. I’ve adjusted the options accordingly on the sheet. Unless I knew otherwise I preset everyone as handle only but take a look to confirm your choices. I’m limiting it to 20 characters on the name/handle @PlumbBobMillionaire clocks in at 19 thus holding the record for the Roost.

OATW Production run will begin toward the latter half of next week. Have no fear if you miss out on this run either, I’ll be able to make them on demand going forward

if you don’t want to dox your IRL name on the sheet but would like it on your tag just DM me directly. Also should we include the “@” with the handle?

  • Include the “@”
  • Just the handle
  • my handle my choice

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Can confirm. Let me know if you make the trip and I can assist with this.

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I will try to swing that event too! Early to commit. But I will see. Maybe I’ll bring the family for a weekend.


Got cleared by my neurologist that I can drive again. Drove yesterday for the first time since last March- It was fucking weird.

I’ll definitely sign up for the Cleveland and Columbus events when they are posted. Hopefully my vertebrae have healed by then.



Great to hear man keep on healing up


Great to hear! Was wondering if you’d seen all the developments. Hope to see you this summer!

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Physical therapy 3x a week. Still can’t lift anything over 10lbs. Lots of core and leg work. I can walk small distances without my cane, but strength is still not there. I can make practice swings without the club.

Every day I wake up feeling blessed I’m alive.


I remember this being discussed on here recently but I’m having trouble finding it.

What are the good practice/simulator spots in NE Ohio again?

The Clubhouse in Beachwood is good.

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