Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent)

Tight tree lined fairways and phenomenal greens.


Been trying to get a tour/round out there for a few months now. They have waitlists for both social and golf memberships so they don’t seem to have any urgency or need to get people in the door.

Had a buddy who worked there in college said it’s well kept and fun but gets overshadowed by others in the area. I’m definitely interested in playing it sometime.

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My cousin is a member there. He’s a golf sicko and loves it so I take his word for it.

That’s where I used to caddie in High School. Fond memories of the place.

Solid track, always fast greens when I’ve played it.

I know it’s not an Ohio course but you guys need to make the drive up to Detroit area and play Shepard’s Hollow. This is a top 10 public course I’ve played in the US.


The auction mentioned above and linked here has rounds at Worthington. Also, no one else bid on Springfield rounds.


Can’t get past the login screen, which auction is it

Fixed it

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got about 3 of those rounds targeted. Good roster

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We will be a finely dressed group for sure.

Not built for 20mph winds



@Browcoww77 when’s your birthday? All, watch this space for the collection efforts.

September 2 haha next year will be the big 3-0. Foxy golf in Akron has that hat in the shop but they won’t let me buy it.


If anyone wants to play Dayton country club tomorrow at 1pm let me know. Our 4th had to drop out

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Spot filled. Everyone have a great Sunday


NEO folks, I heard about this last week and figured I’d share here.

Little Mountain is offering an anniversary membership for $199 - valid through 12/31/24. Pay the $199 and you play unlimited with only cart fee (they don’t allow walkers).

Only catches I could see if you have to ride, and you can’t play before 11 AM on weekends or holidays.

Terms and Conditions

3 spots open for manakiki Sunday morning at 7:50. Think we are the 2nd or 3rd group off for the day so hopefully we get around quick.

Any idea if the greens are punched?

Denison intel…tree removal underway?