Roll Call: Ohio (Cincy Takeoff 4/22)

Do you want to hit low spin bombs? Sim. The low spin can make it easy to miss the fairway though. If fairway is the priority then m6 might be best. Not sure of the cost difference but I’d imagine m6 > sim 2 from a value perspective

From where I’ve looked there all about the same 230 to 315 range. I’m looking at the amount of adjustment in the head, I’m slicing the ball so much I think it could help me a bit. But finding middle of the fairway would be great.

If you can find an m5 that would be a better option because of the adjustable weight to help a slice.

I had an m5 at one point didn’t hit it very well, it wasn’t until after I got rid of it did I find out it was a m5 tour with an extra stiff shaft

I’m saying this without even a hint of dickishness in my intent: whatever money you want to spend on the driver could go toward a lesson and that is far more likely to cure your slice.

Just trying to be helpful. For that money you could get three lessons from a very good teacher.


Whichever one it is make sure it is a max draw version.

No the advise is good had a bunch of lessons the past year or so they have helped a lot, my biggest problem is they want me to have a swing like I’m on tour I’m never gonna be that good I need a swing that works for me with how tight my back stays tight. Something else I’ve been working on, thought a driver with some more draw in it might just save me a few golf balls this year.

Maybe dump that teacher and find one that’ll work with improving what you have instead of changing it completely?

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Agree with @golf4miami. You need to see someone who understands what you can do and who is willing to meet you halfway.

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Makes since a lot of since I’ll start looking for a new one those lessons were at golftec

As a fellow massive slicer, I’d say the Callaway epic max of epic max LS would be the way to go. The big misses aren’t nearly as big for me with that driver

Would agree here I went with the epic Max LS and tweaked my shaft as well and I’m having much less right miss now.

If there is a Springfield CC member floating around/lurking in here, can you hit me up in DMs? Have a couple questions.


Bumping Friday golf signups. We’re under 8 weeks away from the event, so I probably gotta get on the ball with planning

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Update played Aston Oaks. It was actually in pretty good condition. A light drizzle and it was cold but not terrible. First time using a covered cart which made a huge difference. I would love to play that place in season. The people in the pro shop looked us like we were crazy. But paying $40 beats the $100’s I am paying right now for tee times in Phx.


Aston Oaks is a bear of a course. Not a single boring hole. Unfortunately it eats my lunch even in good weather. I am usually mentally drained by like hole 14.

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Yea it was. Blind tee shots, uphill, downhill. It was really cool. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it. I also liked how its cut into the hills very natural feeling. We didn’t fair too well either, but we blamed the jet lag and couldn’t feel our hands by the end.

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3 spots open for Ellsworth Meadows in Hudson at 10:12 on Sunday 3/26. Let me know if you want a spot

Let’s go, I’m in. That’s actually a perfect kind of time because I can help get the kids up and going and then go out.

Follow-up, if Pod #9 wants to get super reckless and play a match, I’m in. First time out for me this year so the level of play is going to be all over the place. @flanwilder @professorlefty @cussingmussel

Camargo did a reno. Not even open for guest play until almost early fall. My guess is that it will be back next year.