Roll Call: North Carolina

I am originally from Wilson, it’s the big country club in town. Very good track, people very much enjoy it and for 35 bucks you can’t beat that. Make sure you get some BBQ from Marty’s or Parkers and you will be good to go! If beer is your thing, a new brewery just opened across from Whirligig Park about 7 minutes from the course called Casita. Also, @bluehose Go Hose!


I enjoyed Wilson CC last time they were on GG. Really fun layout, can’t beat it for $35. Plus we did Wilson CC then tailgated for steaks at BeefMastor Inn. Pretty money afternoon.


I know this is shameless, but anybody out here got an in at Carolina Golf Club? been wondering about that place for a while now

BeefMastor Inn.

That is a must if you’re in town. Just don’t know how you don’t go to that place if you’re in town.


In for joining or an in for playing? I think there are a couple members that are refugees

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I hope you guys indulge an annoying cross post, but shared this on another thread and thought some of you who I have had the pleasure of playing with might enjoy it as well.


lol wish it was both-- I’m a teacher so I don’t quite think I have what it takes to join there. Would love to get a round in, been a dream of mine for a long time. Used to work for a non-profit in south end near brookhill and we would do metal runs of old metal bed frames to the scrapyard across the street.

wildwood for the raleigh crowd…worth $29? who can really say?

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dont expect anyone working at Parkers to have a mask on when you go…

Yeah, it’s a tough scene out at Parker’s these days. It makes for great Facebook drama.

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Damn I gotta deliver a 160k stocked trailer to Wilson end of the month, may catch a meal and covid while Im there


haha my buddy sent me the article from the local paper about nobody wearing a mask and then sent me an update the next day saying that they had sold out of everything super early haha

Very last minute family/work trip to Winston Salem this weekend has given me the chance for some fall golf!

Need 2 more for Reynolds Park in Winston Salem tomorrow (10/18) at 12:30 if anyone would like to join.


The greens at crooked tree are in really good shape right now.

Had a bad experience last time there. I met my brother and we both had our daughters to ride alone. They wanted to charge us 4 cart fees. I said I would walk instead and they charged me $2 less than the fee with cart.
Not to mention the front nine is tight:image

Yeah front is definitely tight and the greens are super small, but some of the holes are pretty cool and some aren’t.

The greens were in really good shape though. We went out early and they had just been cut and were rolling great.

Pretty easy to tell that there is an old nine and a new nine. I do like the back, especially like the par 3 11th

Yeah the back is a lot different. The green on 10 i swear was as big as like 3 on the front combined. It was a welcomed sign. #11 is good man, got to be a shit load of balls in that pond, its a pretty good carry.

I liked 17 and 18 as a finishing.

Sweeping dew on #1



Is anyone on here a member at Sapona. I currently live in Lexington and was looking a possible getting a membership. I am wondering if it’s worth it and what all it includes?? Thanks.

Most of you have probably seen this already but I am going to bump this Ryder Cup style event I’m planning for Greensboro in February: