Roll Call: New Hampshire / Vermont

Hey all,
I am meeting 3 friends somewhere between Walpole, NH and Colchester for a round this weekend. The halfway point would put us around Royalton.

Any suggestions for course in that area?

lol, oof. I think WRJ/Hanover is your best bet, not sure you’re going to find anything in between. If you want to both drive an hour and a half and meet, middle adjacent, I would highly recommend st johnsbury cc.

Edit: Now that I think of it, the lake Morey resort course might be a good fit for your group. Not too far out of the way.

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Hey thanks for reaching out. We considered Lake Morey but going with Montague. It’s about halfway and heard Montague is halfway decent.


Soliciting interest from New England types in a get together at Cape Arundel on Oct. 3-4 or 10-11. If you are interested and can abide by the COVID rules, post over in the Maine thread [Roll Call: Maine -Cape Arundel in October signup in post 182]

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What’s the word on Ekwanok? There’s a thousand greens offer to play there

That sounds awesome! I actually will be in ME for my annual college buddies golf tournament and following weekend tournament at my home course.

Definitely interested in future events like that though.

Sign up fo CA outing here:

I’m playing with my fiancée this Sunday at 8 am at our home course in Concord (NH), Beaver Meadow, but everyone we’ve asked to join us has had a conflict. If anyone wants to join us for a casual round, let me know. We’ve got a foursome booked, but so far it’s just the two of us. I know it’s early and will likely be cold, but we gotta get in our 18 before the football game starts!

I live in Lee, NH. Grew up playing at Concord Country Club when my Dad was a member. Lived in Bedford through highscool and played a lot at Candia Woods, Souhegan and Passaconaway.

I live 10 minutes from Nippo Lake in Barrington now, so I’ve been playing a lot there since its close and I have 2 young kids now. Alos a big fan of Pease. Thinking about joining a weekly 9 hole league if anyone has any good reccomendations near the seacost NH/Maine.

Would love to meet up for some rounds this spring/summer with refugees in the area.


I am not too familiar with the east side of the state but the west side has some great courses. Let me know if you’re ever in the area and we can hit up my home course of Hooper.

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Hey Man, I’m here in Bedford NH myself. Similar situation of a couple of kids in school and play Candia passaconaway and derryfield mostly. Grew up in Manchester. A few of my younger friends live in the portsmouth area and play breakfast hill a ton. The league there seems awesome with a great group of guys. If you haven’t played up there check it out. One of the better tree lined public courses you’ll find and the greens are normally great. They have afternoon memberships…not sure if a membership is required for the league. Hope that helps.

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Ah man, family lives in Strafford and it’s where I get up to in the summers. Grew up playing at Candia and have played Nippo a few times. Straight nostalgia in this post, love it. If I get up this summer (COVID-dependent) would be happy to get a round in.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ve heard great things about breakfast hill, but haven’t made it out there yet. I’ll def look into it.

Not sure what your work schedule is like, but I work from home, so can sneak out mid week for daytime rounds every once in a while. Let me know if you wanna hit em some time.

Sounds great. Im working from home these days as well and can occasionally sneak out. When i do…if time isn’t an issue its normally zipping up 101 so we should connect in a few months when weather allows.

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Anyone know of any Seacoast/Manchester courses open for winter play? I’m drifting down there this week due a few days that are borderline warm enough.

I don’t think you’re going to have any luck. Definitely not manch as there is still snow/ice on the ground and they won’t open in the winter regardless. Outside shot at seacoast but I’m 99% sure you aren’t going to have any luck. This time of year your best bet is way down in the cape or RI.

I played Sagamore which is in, I believe North Hampton, late December 2 years ago so you could try there. Good luck!

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August NIT Qualifier in MA

Listen, do I take issue with the fact that this ended up being in Boston? For sure. Am I going to use it as bulletin board material? Also, for sure.

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You will have ample opportunity to give me shit about it to my face on 8/28