Roll Call: New Hampshire / Vermont

No, haven’t played them unfortunately. Despite living 3 minutes from the Connecticut River I’ve only played Lang Farms, Killington, and Crown Point.
Mostly played NH and ME courses. Including White Mtns CC and Waukewan for my bachelor party weekend.

I live in the Stowe area, Stowe’s my home course but I walk past Blush Hill Meadows every day and the course is really starting to open up today! Definitely hoping we can all get back out on the course sometime soon. Stowe’s a fun course, Sugarbush, Barre, Williston are all really fun too.

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Owls nest is a whole new world compared to white mtn and Waukewan


I honestly haven’t had the most fun a Williston. Usually just so over crowded and they bunkers are rock solid even though they look pure. Barre is so much fun. Sugarbush is my favorite mountain course layout for sure.

I was born in Nashua, my grandparents lived in Portsmouth and Rye, my father did his grad degree at UNH, and I went to college in Hanover (and then failed to leave the area for 12 years) so NH holds a special place in my heart. Every year my family rents a place up in Glen for the month of August, and I usually try to get out to play the North Conway Country Club and Wentworth while I’m up there. NH really does have some hidden golf course gems (including Carter in Lebanon, which is a Donald Ross designed 9-hole).

How do we get the fine gentlemen of Strapped to do a circuit through NH? Maybe invite them to hit the upper valley (Lebanon, NH is a fine airport to fly into), head to the White Mountains, and then finish along the seacoast?


Next on my list of courses to play in NH is Stonebridge and Hooper. Hooper looks like a really fun 9 hole, also they are doing a 2 for 1 greens fee from 10-2 Monday-Friday. Then probably Maplewood, another Donald Ross course.

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Hey love that you’re psyched about Hooper! Hooper is my course and it is beautiful. Tom Doak ranked it the 2nd best 9 hole course in America.

PS the deal is actually Mon-Thurs 11-2 for all of June (you saw it correctly but they had initially posted the wrong hours).

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I am being furloughed starting next Friday and will be playing Hooper the following week! Can’t wait to get out there.

Hey that sucks about being furloughed but great about playing more golf, especially at Hooper. I live right in Walpole so if you need an extra give a shout.

Hey does anyone know if there is any chance of Tater Hill reopening? I live about 45 minutes away and always wanted to play.

Also, wonder if you could go rogue and ply the course as it is?

It is not reopening but i’m sure you wouldn’t get bothered if you went and played it.

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Native Vermonter here,
I grew up on a tiny 9 hole track in Colchester VT called Marble Island. That golf course has been replaced by a very unfortunate development of what appears to be low income homes bookended with some luxury duplexes.
I moved back to Vermont a little over 10 years ago, I play as many different courses as often as I can. I live in the Burlington area but I am know to drive hours to play new and interesting courses. I was a member for a while at VT National Country Club, a Nicklaus design “links style” course, I have also belonged to a few of the public-private courses in the area. My favorite course in the state I would have to say is the Rutland Country Club with it’s very fast ad challenging greens.
I look forward to meeting some like minded folks here, and maybe scrounging up a game or two.


Hey all,
I am meeting 3 friends somewhere between Walpole, NH and Colchester for a round this weekend. The halfway point would put us around Royalton.

Any suggestions for course in that area?

lol, oof. I think WRJ/Hanover is your best bet, not sure you’re going to find anything in between. If you want to both drive an hour and a half and meet, middle adjacent, I would highly recommend st johnsbury cc.

Edit: Now that I think of it, the lake Morey resort course might be a good fit for your group. Not too far out of the way.

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Hey thanks for reaching out. We considered Lake Morey but going with Montague. It’s about halfway and heard Montague is halfway decent.


Soliciting interest from New England types in a get together at Cape Arundel on Oct. 3-4 or 10-11. If you are interested and can abide by the COVID rules, post over in the Maine thread [Roll Call: Maine -Cape Arundel in October signup in post 182]

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What’s the word on Ekwanok? There’s a thousand greens offer to play there

That sounds awesome! I actually will be in ME for my annual college buddies golf tournament and following weekend tournament at my home course.

Definitely interested in future events like that though.

Sign up fo CA outing here:

I’m playing with my fiancée this Sunday at 8 am at our home course in Concord (NH), Beaver Meadow, but everyone we’ve asked to join us has had a conflict. If anyone wants to join us for a casual round, let me know. We’ve got a foursome booked, but so far it’s just the two of us. I know it’s early and will likely be cold, but we gotta get in our 18 before the football game starts!