Roll Call: Nashville

Here’s a list for ppl looking to come though middle TN. These are just public courses that I’ve played so anyone feel free to add suggestions…

Nashville Munis:
Harpeth Hills - fun course but no fun to walk
Ted Rhodes - close to downtown and very walkable front 9. Probably my favorite muni in town when it’s dry
McCabe - nice and easy but consistently the most crowded due to location
Shelby - least favorite Nashville Muni

Pay to play $60+:
Gaylord Springs - good facility and course. I usually play terribly there so I prefer hermitage
Hermitage (2 courses) - president’s is the best public you can get on in Nashville imo. Price tag includes unlimited range balls as well.

Between Nashville and Sweetens:
Old Fort in Murfreesboro
Bear Trace in Winchester - great state park course

West of Nashville:
Montgomery Bell - great state park course


Germantown here! I’m a member up at TN Grasslands in Gallatin, always down for a good public track as well

Interested in this as well

We will keep it simple to start once the time changes. I’ll make a tee time on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon at Ted Rhodes and anyone who can make it is welcome. Go from there based on demand and availability.


I adopted Hermitage as my home course while working there in 2010. Such a great facility. Would spend 2 hours at the range/short game area and depending on how crowded it was, would play for the twilight rate at the more open of the courses.

President’s course is a nice, big resort type course. Wouldvplay from the tips when I was feeling strong. Generals Retreat is much more of a shotmakers design, IMO. Can’t go wrong with either

Nashville folks, check it out:

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New to the refuge but I have lived in Nashville all my life and listened to NLU for the past year or so. Just joined a league at Two Rivers (not convenient to Green Hills but, alas) and will report back if anyone is interested in how that muni league works. Tournaments are every few weeks on sat or sunday, there are gross and net winners in 4 flights and fees are incredibly reasonable. I’m not trying to sell it so much as I was looking for a way to get very low stakes competition experience and this, at first blush, appears to fit the bill. Interested if anyone else plays in a league or tournaments around Nashville and has good or bad experiences.


Welcome! I’ll have to check out their tournaments. I enjoy that course and you absolutely cannot beat the price.

Hope all you Nashville area guis are safe!


We are in Hermitage. Have two basketball size holes in our roof but we are in much better shape than our neighbors. Thankful it wasn’t worse.


I’m interested in hearing about the Two Rivers muni league. I think this is the most underrated public course in greater Nashville. No one talks about it, ever. One of the few Nashville courses not actually in a river flood plain. Drains well, great undulation, especially the stretch from 10-14. Pro shop staff is nicest amongst the Nashville muni’s.


Also live in Nashville - Fairgrounds adjacent. I just joined the Refuge as I was introduced only recently to NLU. I mostly play weekends, about 1 a month. Ted Rhodes is my favorite Muni, best greens, front nine is excellent and some awesome holes on the back as long as its dry.

Yes, Two Rivers is the most “fun” of the munis in my mind because it has some interesting holes for sure, pretty decent greens, not a ton of trouble and with the wind on some holes can play a lot of different ways. I would say Harpeth Hills and Ted Rhodes play more difficult and I think Ted Rhodes has some great holes as well. The issue with both Ted Rhodes and Two Rivers is that you can get stuck behind some incredibly poor golfers. No one asked but my ranking of the most enjoyable munis would be:

  1. Ted Rhodes (a good challenge with all the water, good greens, strategic Par 5s on the back)
  2. Two Rivers (fun golf course without a ton of danger, very walkable layout, greens are much improved, Hole 11 is beautiful)
  3. Harpeth Hills (very good greens for a muni, plays the longest, requires a number of shots, can be tough to walk, some boring holes though, Hole 4 is one of my favorite holes in Nashville)
    (big dropoff)
  4. McCabe (27 holes but the conditioning is not great because the course gets so many rounds played on it, can hit it almost anywhere on most holes and be fine, several driveable 4s if that is your thing, some very boring holes)
  5. Percy Warner (basically an executive course but a fun 3 club challenge course, I played my first rounds there so it holds some sentimental value, Hole 2 is one of the more absurd doglegs I have ever played)
  6. Vinny Links (exec course, good for beginners and iron play, well maintained)
  7. Getting hit by a bus
  8. Shelby (some really bad holes, bad conditioning, a few shootings have occurred, but the 10th hole is nice)

Cracking up at the #2 Percy Warner comment. It’s like something out of a Club Pro Guy learning center drawing.

I legitimately almost submitted it on the worst hole design thread but after looking at some of the other holes it wasn’t quite egregious enough. Right on the edge though Compared to the rest of the course it is…odd.

Another Nashville native here! I am over in East Nashville near Mitchell’s deli. I will go screw around at Shelby since its so close from time to time but I spend most of my rounds between Twelve Stones, Country Hills, The Legacy, and every muni we have. I play golf every single Friday since I don’t work that day and I will sometimes sneak a round in on the weekend. I am always down to meet up any play some golf esp. with some other NLU fans.

Anyone ever play Twelve Stones or Country Hills? Both have incredible deals. If you go buy a full box of premium balls (i.e. Pro v1, TP5, and so on) at Country Hills, they will let you play 18 holes for free with cart. Kicker is you have to use it that day. Best deal I have seen outside of the $12 hot deals at Twelve Stones…

Designed by Donald Ross!!


I played Twelve Stones two weekends ago for the first time. Really fun and hilly course. Will have to play there again this summer.

They have the best hot deals during the week on GN if you use that app. The course really gets nice in the summer. With that said…IF there is a drought…Stay away…