Roll Call: Nashville (Match Play Signup... post #1040)

The High Cotton Club held its largest event yesterday at new venue, Park Mammoth Golf Club. #TheExtinction. A field of 32 competed in 3 6-hole matches. Each group was grouped by handicap and the winner of each group earned a qualifying spot for #TheShowdown on July 9, 2022.

The day then ended with an Alt-Shot Derby on an Alternate routing of the golf course. The two man teams were decided by taking a player from handicap pool A and pairing them with a player from handicap pool B. After an incredible day Mr. Dakota Brown and Mr. Brian Turley were declared winners of #TheExtinction by making birdie on the final Derby hole.

Overall, an incredible event, at an incredible venue.

S/O @leftysauce for another great event and for getting all the details Dialed. Also a big s/o to Imperial for crushing the event hats and @flanwilder for getting these incredible bag tags for each competitor :fire:.


Another order is fersure happening… anyone interested can reserve yours using the link below! $25 (plus shipping when applicable) with proceeds going to our Roost’s charity, the High Cotton Relief Fund. Payment will be requested at a later date, just reserve yours now so we know how many to order!

Appreciate the feedback and support :handshake: Yesterday was an all timer for us and can’t thank our competitors for getting involved and our hosts at Park Mammoth Golf Club enough. Incredible spot… hope to see the Ohio and STL Roosts join us at Park Mammoth on the fall, and any other Roosts that can make the trip to central KY!


I have arrived. Did some photography and drone work at #theextinction at Park Mammoth


What’s the verdict on that place from those that played? Looks extremely interesting and a cool piece of land.

The verdict is don’t go in the high grass

You can absolutely send it anywhere but the tall stuff basically. Pretty much every hole has a one way bailout with a pretty big reward for taking a riskier line. The green complexes are really nice, but are currently deceptively slow in my opinion. They look super smooth and fast, but aren’t to speedy. I really wish it was closer to me because I loved it!


@Wcolby15, this is probably your best place to look. There have been a pretty good number of recommendations earlier in this thread.

How do I get the HCC thing on my avatar?

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Hey everyone. Started playing last year and am looking to get some lessons. Any recommendations for coaches in the Nashville area?

Not sure where you live but Golf Rx in Mt. Juliet is highly regarded by most people on here. I haven’t personally gone there but they will for sure get you dialed in.

I would recommend Profectus at Gaylord as well. However, they are on the expensive side.


Anyone going to Sweetens Sunday? @Kyleccox5 and I will be there representing the KY Chapter @HighCottonClub


Heading south, but staying a little more on 40E to pinehurst

Hey, y’all Nashville native and new to the NLU boards. Joined up because I was asking about a local group and was told there was some chatter over here. Saw some stuff earlier in the thread, but not sure what is out of date or relevant.

Looking for some low stakes stuff weekly or monthly groups at the local muni or public courses. Play off a sketchy 10 or so. Any leads?


Love hearing another sketchy 10ish is getting involved!

Sometimes the 10 plays like a 1, and sometimes it plays like a 36. It’s all a part of the plan.

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Exactly! I didn’t break 100 friday, shot 85-83 Saturday and Sunday. Lol

The High Cotton Club is pleased to present the first event of the 2023 season, #TheFloat at Henry Horton State Park.

We’re dialing in a phenomenal set of gifts to go along with our 18 holes of fourball competition, skins, and LD/KP’s, followed by a float trip at the home of High Cotton on the beautiful Elk River in Kelso, TN.

Entry fee is $170 for golf, or $80 to join for The Float afterwards, with food and drinks covered throughout the day to accompany each competitor’s swag bag.

Tee times are set to begin at 9:00 on Friday, August 26, with a max field of 24. Sign up at the link below or reach out to get #dialedin

Mark your calendars and #Getinvolved … The 2023 season is going to be something special!


Daniel Booker or Gaylon Cude

The Fourth Edition of The High Cotton Classic gets underway a week from today… Our first fourball match play event, with 75% handicaps, will reflect the same group play format as the Third Edition of The High Cotton Classic.

Players have 20 days to schedule/play each match, with all players receiving an incredible High Cotton gift bag to go along with cash prizes for First and Second

Don’t delay… find a partner and sign up today! Entry fee is $225/player