Roll Call - MN contingent?

What 3/4 are you adding to the list?

TPC is awfully low…

Is Olympic Hills low because its so hard or are there other features your not so fond of?

Windsong doesn’t make the list?

And it’s an appropriate ranking for that course :slight_smile:


Never played it but i was surprised to see just above southview.

I don’t play many private courses but i played southview with @BaxterMSP . There are a number of public courses i would play over and over in the metro before i would play before play southview again.

Jesus, I completely forgot to include Windsong on here. Updated rankings…

MN Valley
Midland Hills
North Oaks
Olympic Hills

I could see Midland jumping above Windsong and maybe Woodhill, post-renovation. And to answer your questions @Taylorda; I just thought TPC was a little too tricked out and “resort style” for my taste. There were some incredibly fun holes but the courses didn’t blow me away. I did move it back above Brackett’s after some time has settled in.

Olympic Hills is ranked there because I play awful every time I’m out there. Course itself is a ton of fun but, in my opinion at least, overly penal. Lots of long, forced carries and the walkability is lower than almost every other private course around here.

Oak Ridge is on tap for later this week and I’ll likely be out at MGC and Golden Valley later this month. Doing some club shopping right now, seeing if the grass is greener on the other side.



Club Shopping? Didn’t BC just finish their reno? Other then Somerset and MVCC where else is being considered?

They did just finish it and the course is in good shape. I don’t have to make the jump, just seeing if the timing is right.

I’m thinking about MGC, GV, Oak Ridge too…proximity to my home may be a deal breaker but if a course is good enough there’s a chance I could put up with it.

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Oak Ridge is a fun one, some really good holes out there.



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how do you get on all these places?

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You marry a very independent wife, who doesn’t like spending time with you.

Not entirely…but not too far off :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess I was thinking from an access perspective, you’d have to know someone at each of the private places? or you playing in tournaments at them?

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Pretty sure he is in The Illuminati.


Haven’t played MGC post-reno, but from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty incredible. Golden Valley maybe has the best greens in the entire state. I live smack dab in between them, but just can’t justify the cost. If you need a 4th at either, I know a guy.:wink:


^i am that gui…I AM THAT GUI!


What did you like and what didn’t you like about Somerset?

Somerset was a victim of my own expectations. Walked in there having built it up to ANGC levels in my head and it was the day before they closed for the season. Didn’t get to enjoy a full experience (range wasn’t even open), but we did have a beautiful fall day.


  • The land movement on 80% of the course. Was great and very surprising for a Mendota course.
  • The view from the SE corner of the property…best in the Twin Cities
  • The redan was a serious test and played a visual trick from the tee. Also loved the short and eden, both of which were proper holes.
  • Wonderful greens, especially for the end of the season.


  • The biarritz was the least inspiring of any I’ve played. No green length bunker running alongside and the swale was tiny compared to most. Just feel like a standard, albeit long, par 3.
  • Course itself just felt a little old, but not in a “I love this golden age architecture” kind of way. In my opinion it just could use some TLC, along the lines of what Midland is doing. Spiff up the bunkers, sharpen the edges, bring back some original greens, etc.

Ideally I would love to see them bring the course back to its true Raynor design, before they let that Canadian masochist Stanley Thompson chop it up in the '50s. If they do that then I have no doubt it would be top 3 in the Cities.


All valid pros and cons. Especially agree with the best view and the biarritz being lame. I started Caddying there 15 years ago and now just keep a job at the range twice a week so I can hop and play on nights.

Two things to defend (because after 15 years there I am biased and protective haha).

  1. The biarritz is so tiny because of the water table. I have heard it was originally deeper but with that pond on the left, it kept filling with water.
  2. They are in the middle of a tree removal process. This summer they removed 80-100 trees and have another 40 lined up for next summer. In the last 2 years they have also put back in some original bunkers and an original tee box.

As someone who has seen it for 15 years and could play that place with my eyes closed, this summer is the best its ever been!

That said, I agree they need to put some more of the original Raynor back in. The short original Par 3 on the SE corner you were talking about would be cool to see.


Nice. Didn’t know that about the water table next to the biarritz, but it makes absolute sense. It’s a beast, distance wise, but was a little surprised the features seemed so muted compared to others.

I think it’s great they’re taking out some trees. The place could use it and not lose anything in the process. It just seems like a lot of the golden age courses let things fill in over the last 40-50 years and they’re trying to catch up.

I’m hoping to get back out there next year, assuming some COVID restrictions are relaxed, because I have no doubt that the second time around I’ll have more reasonable expectations and enjoy it more.

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