Roll Call - MN contingent?

Yup. They started Tuesday and I didn’t necessarily realize it would take three days but it is what it is. A built in excuse when the putts inevitably don’t drop. One spot left if anyone wants it.

So the Iron Range is basically the North Pole? Makes sense with the weather we’ve had this week.

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Yes, yes it is. I’ve seen reindeer at the Quarry.


Howdy y’all

For all that talk about “you Chicago guys should have an event”…I’m hosting an event.


Love it! Reminds me of playing there in college. Last time I was there was in a different capacity, reliving misremembered college glory by shotgunning beers before the Cats beat Indiana. Looks like google maps caught the gameday tailgating on #2 fairway. Have fun!

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Braemars doing a 4 man “supers revenge” scramble on 10/25 I believe

“Supers revenge”…That sounds like a blood bath…

Foursome set up for next Saturday 10/10 at 12:10 at Rush Creek. They’re running a Fall special where cardmember guests pay cardmember rates, so $59 to walk.

@tbruhsch and @LernhardBanger and I are in, opening the 4th spot up to the ‘fuge. Let me know if you want in.

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I need to double check some stuff, but I hopefully could make Saturday work. Don’t suppose you boys have any interest in playing earlier?

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12:10 is earliest they had available this morning.

Sweet. I’m 90% sure I can make it work, but I’m gonna have to dip pretty shortly after.

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Might be a little insane, but thinking about heading up to Giant’s Ridge for a 36 hole day on Friday. Had a couple buddies that backed out and now it’s just me. Supposed to be 70 degrees up there that day, and with the fall colors it might be hard to beat. I’m not 100% a for sure yet, but if anyone wanted to meet up there I’m just gonna extend the invite.


That’s it - I’m diagnosing you with full blown sicko cell. There is no cure. May god have mercy on your soul.

Sounds awesome though. I can’t make it, but hope you have fun.


Your buddies are lame. Giant’s Ridge should be fantastic right now.

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Oh for sure, I’ve played more golf this year than ever before due to work and school being super flexible. In all reality though, I know this winter is going to suck ass with COVID and how much Minnesota winters suck ass in general, so I need to take advantage of the nice weather while we have it.


You’re talking to a guy that is going to Sand Valley the last weekend they’re open, after having already spent a weekend there this year. I get it.

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Chriiiiiiist. I so wish I could make it work. I was just up there a few weeks ago and the thought of heading back there with that kind of weather is pretty damn tantalizing.

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Updated list for my MN refugee brethren…should be adding at least three more before the end of the season, possibly even 4.

MN Valley
Midland Hills
North Oaks
Olympic Hills

Played MN Valley again yesterday and the course is as good as I remember. Has me seriously considering a move after the season is over. Even so, I’ve had to drop MV down to #3 in my power rankings. WBYC and Northland just offer such a different experience with the land movements/views on both courses that it’s tough to put MV above them.

Three of my top four courses are now made up of Ross designs…I’m a little worried that he may catapult past Raynor as my favorite golden age architect.


When you play MGC it’ll be 4 out of 5.

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Had that same exact thought…course looks so good.