Roll Call - MN contingent?

I just didn’t like that every green had 5+ mounds in it. I don’t mind difficult greens, but those felt gimmicky to me.

I was out there on Friday, was in very solid shape outside of the fairways and fringes being punched. Since Royal is the topic, I have a nit-picky complaint: On 18, a good drive even to the right of the bunker on the left side runs down off to the left, and your shot at the green is blocked by a giant tree. With how elevated and angled that green is to a runoff, seems a bit unfair, no? Bummed me out to “lay up” (or off to the side) from 180 out. Maybe just me, but just had to vent about my one good drive of the day being spoiled.

Ps. Definitely nothing to do with me being lone wolf for the win and losing because of it. Not at all.

PPS I don’t actually drive the ball 350, tees were up and the fairway runs a a long ways down :joy: just covering my bases here

I haven’t played it since they turned it into a par 3. When I had heard that I was kind of bummed, especially knowing that 16 canplay longer (I’ve only played the course 2 times)

It’s a cool track for sure though! Really enjoyed it every time I’ve been out.

I would’ve let us all assume you hit it 350!

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Per the teachings of CPG, I’ve got a handicap to protect :grin:

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Does anyone here know much about the Rush Creek card? I think it says $425 online. Looks like you can book tee times 14 days out which would be nice. Anyone seen a Black Friday deal on it?

No Black Friday deals or other discounts on it as far as I’m aware.

Also, it’s 7 day out tee times for cardholders. 14 days are for general public. This is first year where that’s been a bit more of an issue due to all the rounds being played and tee sheet being pretty full.

If you like RCGC and play it enough to make the $ work, it’s great. Been a cardholder for the last several years and it’s my home course. The course, staff, and experience are all top drawer.

I had to look, but on 11/28/2017, it looks like I bought one for $375. I can’t recall if that was a deal of if they’ve just increased the price since 2017.

Anyone want to play Pioneer Creek Friday morning? Haven’t booked yet but there are currently times around 9 and 11:30

Edit: just got an email that greens were punched today so I’m in the market for a game elsewhere Friday or Saturday

Circling back on my house/ Country Club post a few weeks ago.

If anyone has realtors that they used and liked could you shoot me a DM with some info. (preferably with experience in the south metro) We have a few options but would like to do some more research before we start to look.

Again we won’t be buying until July/Aug of next year but with the market as it is right now (Basically no inventory, especially in eagan) , trying to start the process atleast.

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I can’t do Friday AM, but I’d be game for something on Saturday.

Sweet. Not a whole lot of availability left from what I can see. I live out near Buffalo and need to be home before dinner time. Pioneer Creek with greens punched Tuesday and 20% off standard rate at 8:40 or 10:40 or if you want to drive out to Buffalo, Wild Marsh anytime between 10:10 and 10:40. Either of those strike your fancy?

Either one is fine with me. I really like Wild Marsh so I’m always game to play there, but I’ve never played Pioneer and I’ve heard it’s good, so if forced to choose I’d go there. Pick whichever time and place works best for you and I’m in!

Let’s go Pioneer Creek at 11:50. That’ll give us a few more degrees of precious warmth. I just booked my spot on their website. It’s a fun course, plus I’ve played Wild Marsh a bunch this year and Pioneer only once.

Does anyone know of any more events happening in the Twin Cities area this season (i.e. 2-man scrambles, best balls, etc.)?

Major long shot here, but if anyone wants to play the crossroads at majestic oaks in blaine/Ham lake area I’m planning on playing at like 2:30. They’re completely wide open it looks like. I’m just itching to play.

I know blaine is like Canada for some of y’all in here.

Multiple friends have declared Shoreview = Duluth, so using that math Blaine = Canada, yes.

I’ve received a couple emails about: 1) 1 man scramble at Chaska October 24 2) Stonebrooke 2 man scramble October 4th 1pm. Can’t play in either :cold_sweat:

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Sounds like Pioneer Creek aerated greens today, just got an email about a discount because of it