Roll Call - MN contingent?

I’ve seriously debated posting #11 to the Worst Holes thread a few times. There’s just nowhere to miss, especially for a high handicapper without major distance.

Frustrating as #15 can be, I have a great memory of it from the 2006 US Am. That was one of the real eye-opener holes for me about the different level those guys could play at. I was caddying that week for a player who’s now on Tour. He and his playing partner hit their drives to the top of the hill before the creek. Then, instead of hitting lay-up shots to the right following the snake, they just rocketed balls up over the trees and onto the green in two. It was a line to the hole I just couldn’t even conceive of at the time.


I knew I could count on you @bobs219.

And to all the complaints about water, I refer you to my aforementioned advice:


This seems like you know your courses. You should list some of them out on the spreadsheet.


Sadly, my Minnesota golf knowledge is deep but narrow, so I won’t be much help in this debate. I grew up in Chaska and caddied at Hazeltine, so I know both Hazeltine and CTC quite well. But I went to college and law school out of state and live in Chicago now, so I’ve never really spent a sizable amount of time in the Twin Cities with an adult’s mobility and income (much as I miss being there). As a result, aside from the courses around Chaska/Chanhassen/Victoria, I’ve played an embarrassingly small number of courses in the region.

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I agree, I’ll wrack my brain tonight and put something up. I haven’t exactly been able to take advantage of my PCC this year

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The strange thing is. When I have had the opportunity to play at Burl Oaks, the water there does not bother me/get in my head and there is A LOT of it out there but Edinburgh just messes with me haha

Edinburgh is hard and expensive

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MN Refugees Fall Match Play Mini-Meetup
Sunday, September 27, 2020
Baker National Golf Course

Creating the opportunity for a mini-meetup of MN Refugees to celebrate fall golf and QTR ZIP SZN at a fun public course. No NIT or other tournament implications, come for the love of golf and the hang.

“Sunday Singles” Match Play format:
22 spots open, 12 players/team.
GHIN difference will be used to handicap matches. Random blind draw to determine match opponents and pairings. The TC Way governs all play.

Cost: $45 to walk with warmup range balls included. If you need to ride you can request and pay for a cart day-of. Walking strongly encouraged. #woke

Playing Team Captains/Organizers:
@mplsgolfer versus @tbruhsch

Please sign up only if you are able to commit to playing. Once we have the field filled, we will create teams and gather payment as event date approaches. Reach out with any questions.

#GetInvolved and commit to this meetup by adding your information to this spreadsheet:

Virtual sherpa services for Baker National are available from @billy_baroo in Post # 5087 above.


Looks like you need to request access to the spreadsheet.

Should be working now. TC regrets the link error.


Let’s me in now but says view only in the bottom right. Could be just a me problem.

This looks like a fun idea and is at a course I’ve have not played yet. Thanks for organizing it.

Should be working now. TC regrets the multiple link errors.


Good thing you have a direct connect to a good support guy.

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Fine ok I’ll play but don’t think this lets you off the hook for the round we agreed to play still this year at the NSS


Any idea what time the tee times will be?

I’ve requested 11:00am as the starting time for the block of 6 tee times.

I’m not great but I have $45 and like to think I’m a slightly below average to slightly above average hang




Touching on a few of the interesting (and terrible) takes I noticed on the public courses lists. These awards are not finalized but these are the early leaders.

Best Takes:

  1. This is not an individual thing, but I’m proud that almost everybody put Keller in their top 5. A great take from the MN refugee contingent.
  2. @LernhardBanger putting Wild Marsh up there. Great course that doesn’t get talked about enough.
  3. @Battisstatus putting out Deer Run, another solid place that doesn’t get mentioned often.

Honorable Mention: Fox Hollow being brought up by @charvey and @munihack7

Worst Takes:

  1. @MackReiter putting Keller at #9 when everyone else had it in the top 5. What the fuck man. That might be duel worthy.
  2. @QGorski and @Seanzie putting Edinburgh at #2. Masochists.
  3. @bobs219 putting Gross at #6. Bro, cmon. Anywhere you want to go, I will come sherpa for you so you can experience more of the goodness public golf in MN can offer you. Even if it’s Edinburgh.

Honorable Mention: Chaska TC is too high on many of these lists.

*disclaimer: my opinions may suck


@kirkeide1 In full disclosure, I do believe that Deer Run is slightly overpriced. HOWEVER, I have fun every time that I am there. Always positive vibes and with the exception of 5 green (that thing gets peppered) I feel like the course is always in really good shape and the greens roll quick.