Roll Call - MN contingent?


I live in downtown Minneapolis and try to play the city courses a couple times a week. Primarily Gross and Columbia.
Mostly play by myself so would love to meet up with any guys in the twin cities area looking to round out a foursome!


I live in Uptown and like to play Gross. Also Highland in St Paul might be my favorite city course in the twin cities. Also in the same boat playing most of my rounds by myself so feel free to hit me up once the snow melts.


I played the Highlands course at Mississippi National quite a few times growing up. It is one of the quirkiest courses I’ve seen in Minnesota. Lots of elevation change, in use of a tree removal program and not the most architecturally sound layout. Couple holes I remember:

The 9th is a 656 yard par 5 with 100 foot drop from tee to fairway, a roughly 20 yard wde fairway, and it doglegs at about 400 yards. The green is elevated and if you miss right (wihich is easy to do as you’re usually approaching from 200+) you bounce off the cart path into a drainage pond.

The 15th is over a 90 degree dogleg with trees too tall to cut. You basically hit a 6 iron off the tee and then turn around and have a wedge back to the green.

The 17th hole is a 171 yard par 3 from the back tees, played off of artifical mats since it’s too shady for any grass to grow, with a 150 foot drop to the green. I’ve seen it played successfully with only a putter multiple times.


I live in Minnetonka and hack up the munis. StoneRidge, Keller, Ridges at Sand Creek and Edinborough USA are my preferred tracks.


Live in Minnetonka and am going to try out the players card at Rush Creek this year. Normally played the Minneapolis Park courses with a few buddies but sick of paying over $50+ for bad tracks.


@rpengels Did you end up getting the Players Card? I live near Rush Creek and was considering getting one as I’m new to the area and looking for a group to play with.


I ended up not getting it this year. With the late snow storm I had heard rumors that they weren’t going to open later so I didn’t pull the trigger.


Grew up in the cities playing Edinburgh and Northfork for High School.

Played college golf at Concordia Moorhead. Got to play a lot of rounds at Oxbow, Fargo Country Club, Moorhead Country Club, The Meadows, and Village Green

Just moved back to Thief Rivers Falls, but we have a cabin near Ottertail where we go every weekend. Play a lot of rounds at Thumper Pond and Perham Lakeside


Just finding this feed. I’m based in Mpls and usually playing anywhere within 45 min drive, especially in the PCC program. But I do have the Rush Creek patron card this season (close to work) and if they keep it the same in the future with two free, unrestricted rounds, it pays for itself after four rounds.


South Minneapolis here. I’m a PCC member so Southern Hills and River Oaks are my favorite courses. Just played Royals on Friday, the greens are a lot of fun but the course needs a season or two to mature.


I’ve also heard that their yardages at Royal are completely out of whack and there’s no point in playing if you don’t have a range finder. My source is questionable so I’d like to hear another opinion.


Who doesn’t have a range finder these days? Lol


I don’t, haha. I had a GPS thing I clipped onto my bag but I seem to have lost it between my last round of '17 and this spring. But even so, that didn’t work on courses that had some renovations within the last few years. I could probably just buy one but I’m too stubborn so it’ll have to be a birthday/Christmas gift.

Anyway, my friend said his buddy hit two 400 yard drives and flew the greens by 15 yards on some holes based on the yardages on the card/150 stick. My friend is kind of a dumbass, and I’m assuming his buddy is of similar ilk, hence the question posed to a more sane group of people.


Play in Willmar @ Eagle Creek Golf Club. Played at St.Cloud State University after a short stint in Scottsdale, AZ (3 years there). Just made my way back in to competitive golf a few years back and love the courses we have in MN.


Hey what’s up everyone. Hugo, MN here, but in the Brainerd lakes area most weekends. Anyone make it up here regularly? Would also be game for evening 9 in the east or north metro?

I bought a range pass for the Royal but haven’t actually played the course yet. I almost hate to put the word out but the practice facility there is excellent. Brand new range and balls, 6 hole pitch and putt, huge practice green, and a short game area with two bunkers and rough & fairway pitching options that is littered with a couple buckets worth of range balls. I’ve been too busy to get out there since before the 4th, but everytime I was there in June I basically had the place to myself. Would say the practice facility rivals most private courses.