Roll Call - MN contingent?

I may do Steamshovel again. Would also love Yale, but wife and I were planning a 10yr anniversary trip around that time. There is at least 1 event per month I want to do next year, either traveling or locally. And NLU hasn’t even released a full schedule.


Hey all, we are trying to get a meet up at sand valley in the sand valley thread. Take a look at the poll and vote if you are interested.


This is me, and why I have to force myself to the range just before tee time to limit the swings. When I go to the range I’ll realize at a certain point that I’m fatigued and then realize that I’ve hit 60 balls in 45 minutes


As well as Ottertail/Thief River Falls


Hey guys, new to the forum. Live in Chaska and primarily golf the western and southern burbs.

I Wanted to let you know that both Deer Run (Victoria) and Willingers (Northfield) are both offering pretty good holiday deals on 2020 rounds. There are no blackout days or times. If you are looking to play either one there is a decent discount.


Thought I would place this here for my fellow MN refugees that are looking to play golf in late Feb. Believe we’ll all be going batshit crazy around that time…

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Would love to but I’ll be snowboarding that weekend.

Good luck at the duel, go out on your shield defending @Taylorda 's honor.

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How do I defend someone with the only GHIM known to man?


This made me laugh. I do wish you the best of luck. Make sure to get plenty of swings in before hand DD has been playing all winter

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Are we still on for Wednesday or Thursday at birdie golf in Woodbury? I might be out pending a doc appointment tomorrow with a hand specialist and a ruptured tendon :grimacing:

Yikes. Hopefully you get good news.

I’m still available both days, though Wednesday would be preferable?

Do we have a reservation? I can make one if not. I prefer Wednesday too.

I don’t think we have one, if you want to make one that would be great. Do we have a sense for who all is going?


Not a clue! I’ll make one once they open, 6 to 8?

Works for me. Do you want to wait until after your doc appointment though?

@Taylorda were you in on this?

Looking online we might need to move the time a bit. Not a terrible idea, but I don’t want to have it book up. Let’s see what traction we get on here today and we can make that decision later today.

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Great intel on Deer Run deal! I love that place! I’m in Minnetonka and most of the guys I golf with in the cities live in the Northeast so getting them out for a last minute round there is basically impossible.

The MGA released their Member Day tournament schedule for 2020. TPC Twin Cities, Northland and WBYC are on the schedule.


Northland :heart_eyes:

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I thought you were hosting a Refugee Day tournament at Northland in 2020?