Roll Call: Missouri

Born, raised, and currently living in Springfield. Currently a member of SGCC. What’s up fellow refugees? Where does my group need to go to get in a good, fun game

Welcome! Not sure about a Springfield contingent, but there is a strong showing from Kansas City and St. Louis here, as you will soon find out by digging into some threads. Big fan of Springfield, cool place. Went to college there and have played almost everywhere in town.

Sorry for the 2 month delay… forgotten I had posted. Springfield is a cool place for sure, some good golf courses around. Should try to get a group together this fall at Big Cedar Lodge around Branson. Buffalo Ridge (Fazio), Ozarks National (Coore/Crenshaw), Payne’s Valley (Tiger), and Top of the Rock (Jack). They might work with us on pricing and scheduling if we get a decent group size together.

Hey fellas - Looking to get a little local MO intel! I have a buddy who is moving from Fayetteville at the end of this year. Some of us (his buddies) want to come surprise him before he leaves and do a trip to Big Cedar Lodge this fall. Has anybody had success staying off the main resort and still feeling like they got the experience / were able to access everything? The actual resort is really booked up this autumn.

In the same vein - Has anybody played in late October - Mid November? Playing with fire on the weather here I know

Just joined, checking in from KCMO!

Looking for a good public/private/invite to play in Springfield, MO. GO!