Roll Call: Michigan


the horseshoe par 5 #16 i think is an absolute joke of a hole, entire landing area canters severely into the hazard. i have seen multiple good tee shots roll all the way down into that hazard. CP does have a stellar practice range


I agree 17 at CP is a brutal carry especially if there’s any wind into you


I agree about 16 at the Preserve. It could be a great hole if it wasn’t so penal off of the tee. Between the poor angle on the tee shot, and the lack of maintenance/shrub removal in the hazard, you lose any of the strategy that the split fairway provides. With that being said, it still beats a lot of the golf in that area and 18 is a great finisher. I tend to prefer Dunham Hills down the road if I’m going to play near the 59/23 area