Roll Call: Michigan - support the Green Fairway Fellowship!

I agree with this only because it’d be difficult for me to to commit to anything this time of the year.

I’d dig the Rochester options since I work out that way if we’re to do a weeknight thing.


Yep same. 3 nights a week curling plus a few more events upcoming makes a weekly thing tough for me (not that my schedule should ever dictate anything lmao).

My coach has a few TrackMan bays as well up in Rochester, I’d be happy to talk to him about getting something together. There aren’t any weekends open till March it appears, tho.

I’d also be happy to put together a curling day if folks had any interest in a non-golf thing.

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From my minimal research into this, we’d just need someone with a Trackman Facility account to set up tournaments for us. Then everyone who is playing can just sign in at whatever facility has a trackman. Just did it with GAM and it works great!

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West Siders (and East-Siders who are eager to make a drive) - Are you tired of winter? Tired of cold? Tired of snow and in that annual phase of “Maybe I could convince my family we should move to somewhere warm and I’d never have to shovel again whilst golfing year round”? Well I can’t help you with any of that → but we do have an offer from inside the house to get together with some like-minded sufferers and play some SIM golf at discounted rates. We have on the table an offer for screen time at Ada Indoor Country Club, (adaindoorgolf dot com) for an FcF takeover at $50 per man on Saturday February 17th. Tentatively planning for some kind of casual competition, so the money would go 40% to the event winner, 20% to second place, 20% to charity and 20% to house charges - which means we’re getting a SIM event in for a few pennies above free!! Let me know if you’re interested so we can start gaging if there’s sufficient groundswell to commit


Way in on this!


I’ve had a lot of success with Alex Macko, during the season he is out of Jawor’s (or Gratioit Golf Center, whatever they want to call themselves) and during the winter he is up at Par Me Up on Hall Road.


I’d be interested!

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I’d be interested and may have a buddy from out of town that may be able to join depending on the time of the event.

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Come to the Fropen!


This could be a Refuge-wide thing, since you don’t actually have to be at the same location or time. I believe you can set up private competitions- my club just does it locally on one Trackman.

Whether it progresses to that or not, I’m in (since the club I work at has a Trackman setup).


What up from Lansing! I just re-upped the nest membership, what’s the word on the Michigan Roost events?

Cheers! :beers:


Jump in the slack!

Try this

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Hell yeah, I’m in



Is it 6 to a bay?

Think that’s the max per bay

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Having it for 6 hours makes this seem like a crazy good deal.

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If we just get six people it would be plenty worth it.