Roll Call: Michigan - support the Green Fairway Fellowship!

Come on down south this summer ladies and gents

I’m always down for 9 at Chandler (unless the city completely fucks up the management) if you’re interested @nross22!


Ah, Chandler Park. One of my fav’s. The site of my disputed hole in one. (15 with the tee’s set at 73 yards that day…) :smiley:

Let me know if you ever want to get a round in there. And welcome to the Nest.


Speaking of that, does anyone know what’s going on with the management contract?

I’m not sure. Last I heard, Lisa from Chandler retired and Adam from Rackham/Rouge left for ClubCart (?). What I heard when I was working at Chandler was that Peter (who owns Signet who employed Karen et al at Golf Detroit) didn’t want to continue with the contract. That was in Nov/Dec. 2021 with the contract expiring in Feb 2023. It seems like they extended until at least Dec. 2023 but I don’t know if Signet/Golf Detroit or the City want to continue the relationship.

Karen is temporarily still supporting Rackham in a transitional role to the (as of late Dec) still undetermined next company

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What’s the proper pronunciation or gross isle?


Grow zeel



If I was to take an actual lesson from a professional this year, does the Flock have any recs in the metro area?

I’d like to not just pick blindly.

I see Larry Hamilton up in Rochester. I’ve been with him for a few years now, and he’s helped me immensely.

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about instructors at carls as well

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Where are you out of?

Sterling Heights

If price is no concern Dutro out of measured golf in Ann Arbor.

If you don’t want to watch $250/hr fly off into the ether please let me know because I’m also looking for some lessons.

(I went to dutro for a while when he was much cheaper)

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He must be getting the amount of business he wants but $250/hr is insane. Seems like $100-120/hr is the going rate around GR.

Yeah, $250 an hour is NOT happening. I’m looking for maybe 2 lessons this year. I’ve gotten down to a 7.7 on my own but it’s taken 27 years. I’m 40 now, I need some precise direction if I want to get better, lol.

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I think he’s settled in to having a decent chunk of really good ams on his roster that he’s able to jack rates like that.

I’ve heard good things about one of the guys out of the Oakland university practice facility. The name escapes me. I’m hoping to just use one of the pros at my club. But haven’t had that conversation yet.

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So after doing some research there’s a few options for a simulator season / meet up to keep these winter blues away.

  1. Meetup
  • Multiple options on Eastside
    A. Birdies in Oxford (Bar food/Full Swing)
    B. 5 Iron in Shelby/Detroit (Better food/Trackman)
    C. Par Me Up in Shelby (No Food/Trackman)
    D. Tee Times in Rochester Hills (Good Food/Golfzon)
  • X-Golf
    Dozens of locations if trying find central location for mass appeal
  1. Sim Season
    Haven’t fully fleshed this idea out yet but diving into the Trackman app we easily get a leaderboard / monthly challenge going.
  • Choose course, settings, etc for a timeframe monthly/days and log in a round at your nearest Trackman sim.
  • Friend list to easily record and track scores



I’m totally in for this. More so a meetup than a sim “league” sort of thing.

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