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Imagine how excited I was to pop in here for the first time in a long time and immediately see coffee crisp discussion

You can also buy them by the box on Amazon if a trip to Canada isn’t in the cards for you


For my birthday and Xmas, my in laws got me $650 in gift cards for Miles so I can get fit and buy some new irons. With that, I have a couple questions for you guys who are probably more experienced them

  1. Are the maxx fittings worth it? At first I wanted to go that route, but the amount of money you don’t get back with a club purchase is really making be hesitant to do it.

  2. With that, the maxx iron fitting is $175, but a full bag maxx fitting is only $225. If I do decide to go the maxx route, would it be better to just go for the full bag even though I don’t have any plans to buy any woods or wedges? Would doing the full bag basic fitting just be the best way to go overall?

  3. How do you feel about their prices? With all the talk of discount Dan’s on the deals thread, I keep wondering if spending on the fitting and maybe a putter with my gift cards, and then buying from DD’s would be a better idea, and then save some gift cards for when I decide to pull the trigger on some new woods

  4. Would any of you have a fitter you’d recommend asking for? Bonus points if you’re also a higher handicap and felt like that person was helpful for you maybe not having a super consistent swing

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I know @paroutfromhere has a recommendation up there but I can’t remember his name. I’m of no help, I’ve never even been there yet. Ha!

  1. I’d only buy the full bag if you do intend to buy some of the other clubs this year otherwise it’s kinda just throwing money away.

  2. Their prices are absolutely stock msrp. You may get lucky but I wouldn’t count on it. They’ve been good to me about small fixes and help but that’s when they’ve been super slow in October - December before the equipment releases.


That’s not me, but sounds like a good man!
happy to be here

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I will second or third miles for fittings. I have got fit for all my clubs there and are great about the process and won’t just sell you clubs to sell them. Prices on the clubs are standard and not marked up as well.

As for the question about full bag or iron fitting maxx, definitely your call of course but if you think you might explore new woods or wedges down the road via them or DD, probably worth it to know. If not, might push you thay way anyways. Or if you have a strong resolve unlike me, maybe they will suggest loft or lie changes if needed.

But the basic iron fitting was 7 iron only when I did it. Next time I go, I’ll do the maxx to see about a potential split set. That is basically the main deciding factor to me. Though it is a shame how much less you get back on the maxx compared to basic.

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7 iron only is a big turn off for that too, since I actually want new irons because my mid irons are the only thing I hit consistently, and I’ve thought about either a split set, or moving to hybrids/woods to replace my 4/5

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Shot in the dark but is anyone here a member at Monroe Country Club? As proud downriver trash it seems like a good deal for their young professional membership


@YoureStillAway is the man, he will get you figured out.

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@murphornothin is you’re guy. Love that place, great course.


@Conley76 @paroutfromhere so unfortunately I am no longer fitting here at Miles. I took over as the Marketing Manager is May of 23, but I can answer those questions for ya!

  1. I always recommend Basixx fittings. They are still on GC4 launch monitor which is just as good (I think its better) than trackman. You are looking at the main 4 ball flight parameters of Launch angle, back spin, ball speed and carry distance which is all you really need to look at when fitting golf clubs. We can see decent angle as well which can also contribute. The maxx fitting, being on trackman, has 26 data points compared to those 4, which all deal with club delivery. We like to say it’s a learning experience mixed with a fitting. You will get fit into the same clubs in either fitting, its just the route you take to get there.

  2. Building off the last point, if you end up going with the maxx, I’d say go with the maxx iron over the full bag. If you’re not looking at woods, 90 minutes is more than sufficient. However, I would still recommend the basixx iron fitting. 60 minutes is still more than enough time (I usually finished my fittings a little on the early side in most cases).

  3. When it comes to prices, we are stuck. All new clubs are price protected, so when looking at new clubs, it’ll be the same no matter where you go (Carl’s is $2 cheaper than us on everything, but when you’re the king you can do stuff like that). Also, when it comes to getting fit, we are hamstrung to the current year product. There is always something we are changing about the club, especially irons, that will change it from its stock offering/ what you would find at discount. Also, we can only custom order current year product. There are occasions when a company will discount their current clubs and still let us custom order (Ping is good about this), but once a new driver/ iron comes out as a replacement, we can no longer custom order the previous generation/ have access to the fitting components. If you have a budget, we always do our best to work within it. We dont go the club champion route and try and make you spend $3000 on a set of irons.

  4. Fitter wise, I put my full trust in any of our guys here. We all have experience fitting golfers of all skill levels. Justin Pahl is one of my buddies here and is a legit +4 and knows everything and anything about golf clubs. When my old clients try and set up a fitting with me, I push them his way.

Shawn Zawodni is also considered one of the best fitters in the country. He’s been here close to 15 years and has a dual engineering degree so when it comes to knowledge of numbers, its hard to beat. Nate Lammers is similar as well. Both he and Shawn fit most the elite college players in the state. But you truly can’t go wrong with anyone.


Dude, thank you so much. Seriously. That is so helpful for me, especially because I’ve never done any kind of fitting before.


I had a good experience with Ken Johns as well to add on to the list of recommendations!


Also, make sure you take advil before you start. Don’t hit balls the day before, stretch before you go in.

Take Chelsea with you and go to the Bier Camp. Maybe my favorite restaurant for post golf food anywhere


Agreed, did woods and iron fittings with Ken last January and had a really good experience.

In retrospect however, and this is nothing at all against Ken, that time and money (and the money from the subsequent club purchases) would have been much better spent on lessons (which is what I am doing this year).

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Luckily for me, I’m so good I don’t need lessons. Nope, just on a very long term sandbagging grift that’ll pay off one of these days


I don’t know about that place. Might have to check it out. Usually we end up at zingermans or Homes

yeah, Bier Camp is amazing.


Hey folks, I’ve been out of the loop on the refuge for a while. Last year was pretty crazy with wedding and honeymoon planning, but I’m looking forward to getting back to normal life and more active again. Could anyone hit me with the slack link? I haven’t been involved since the switch over, thanks!


i gotchu

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