Roll Call: Michigan (Fall Already?)

Advertising themselves as a low volume/profile private golf club with “like minded” members and being the “only gated golf community in the area” sure gives off a type of vibe.

Course looks awesome, mentality is pretty off-putting though.


I know some people who have played it, and they all say it’s a sick course. Very pure Michigan vibe, in the trees, secluded, only people out there type feel.

If I have the story right, some billionaire started it awhile back and only sold memberships to a really small number of his friends to start. I think it’s gotten a little more opened up since then, but it’s still a small, National membership.


@dicksoch I had the same thought. Looks like an awesome course, but seems like they’re proud to keep a low volume on rounds for members.

@SB14 That makes sense & is good info, thanks! It sounds awesome & I wish they were a little more welcoming, but I can’t blame them for wanting an exclusive course up there.

My friends to the west: I’d posted earlier this year about the Battle for the Big Nut, which I’d hoped to make a NIT qualifier. Due to any number of reasons—life and work getting way the fuck in the way, getting out over my skis with the original planning, the event coming right after our Roost championship, blah blah blah—the numbers never really took off.

While it’d be kind to call it an “event” at this point, it’s still a meetup and golf is gonna get played. Original link is below. Sleepy Hollow is a fantastic course. It’ll be hosting the Cleveland AM the following week so should be dialed. We’ve got guys playing Saturday PM and/or Sunday AM. So if anyone feels like making a drive next weekend, we’d love to see you out here.

Spreadsheet is in the event link. Giving back unused times Sunday evening.Just plop your name where applicable if you can make it. Craic on!


We’ve started going up to Beulah this past year and I’ve hit all three of those courses–totally agree with everything you said. Really excellent write-up. I’m heading up in a couple weeks and am going to try out Interlochen, which is also in that $50 range for a round, and is just a short drive from Beulah.


I promise I searched “Detroit pubic golf” before I posted this but got nothing. I guess everybody talks about TC and GR??? Looking for 3 course recommendations in the area, most likely West or NorthWest. I’ve already played U of M. I’ve done some research and have heard Orchards, Shepherds Hollow, and Pine Trace. Courses would preferably be in nature and not outlined by subdivisions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks boys!

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Last minute, but anyone want to join in at 10:10 at Leslie Park tomorrow?

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Orchards and SH are both really good. Skip Pine Trace. Orchards is on the East side though.

West or Northwest I’d also suggest Washtenaw, Moose Ridge, Lyon Oaks, Dunham Hills, and Salem Hills.


In case anyone missed it!




I’ve played True North twice and I can attest that it’s truly out of this world. Absolute best condition I’ve ever played a course. No old divots. No ball marks. Nothing. Could easily play without shoes if you are hitting it straight. Great movement. Huge sloping greens. Completely isolated. My group of guys met the owner in a bar in Harbor Springs when we were on a golf trip. We bought him some rounds not knowing who he was. Next thing we know he invites our group of 16 to come out and play the next day. We pushed our scheduled tee time and played True North with him. It was nuts. He liked us so much that the next year we were allowed to include it in our package. Black Lake Golf Club, True North, Little Traverse Bay GC (RIP) and Dunmaglas. That was a sick trip.


This was my FIL favorite course. I never got the chance to see it, still stings a bit.

Was playing it while my wife went into labor with our second son! Thought I’d get back to play again, but alas, no such luck.

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LTB…not True North…if it was True North, might have had to consider staying :joy:

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Heading up to Crystal Mtn with some guys in a couple weeks and looking for a course roughly halfway to break up the day. Was thinking Eagle Eye in Lansing, which is right on my usual route, but I’m balking at the $130 green fee. Feel like I can hit that later at a better midweek or bumper season rate. Any other better value courses you guys can think of? Twins starting college next week, so the wife is justifiably watching my golf expenditures closely.

Could head further west on our way and do something near Grand Rapids or along the coast. Or stay inland along 127. Could even go up I75 and hit something near Flint/Saginaw or along Rte. 10 as we head west.

Eagle eye is pretty damn good, we had the east west there this year and it was mint.

Talk about awesome timing! That’s too damn cool man, good for you guys.

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Hey @paroutfromhere could you throw me the link for the West Side WhatsApp? Have a free day in the GR area on Friday the 19th and trying to find some folks to meet up with.

Thanks Jono!

(P.s. if anyone on here is interested in playing that day, let me know!)

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West side

East side

Also, for anyone who wants to get in on the next FcF season! Throw your name in the sheet!