Roll Call: Michigan (Fall Already?)

Here’s my latest dorky attempt at trying to cover golf in the state: Beulah: Northern Michigan's most affordable golf trip

Sort of a Strapped: Northern Michigan, only if the production budget was also strapped and you didn’t show any of the dumb stuff that happened on or off the course (that video will be a private link to protect everyone’s marriages). I hope I’m selling this well.


I’m so glad you included Crystal Lake and Dave in particular in your write up.

My family goes there more than Champion Hill just cause of Dave. My parents probably play there five or ten times a year and he greets them like old friends. On the Fourth this year he sent out the cart girl a vodka and tonic for my mom because it’s not available on course. He also held my dad’s Bushnell speaker for almost two months before he remembered where he left it.

The greens out there are definitely tough, and they have some circus pins some times. Definitely a good time


nice write up, homie!

Great write up! My parents live on Platte Lake so it’s always awesome to see what people think of the local stuff I kinda take for granted. Shout out to CLGC as a elite vibes establishment, always a blast out there.

If you’re ever back in Honor, Jim’s Joint has pretty solid BBQ.


Put this in another group, but I have two tickets to the Rocket Mortgage Classic on Thursday that I’m raffling off for my 100-hole challenge benefitting the First Tee of Greater Detroit.

Here’s a link to sign up: Refuge Raffle – Thursday Rocket Mortgage Classic Tickets - Google Sheets

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Playing Pilgrims Run at 10:40 on July 31 while I’m in town for a wedding. I only booked for 1 but the other 3 spots are still open if anyone wants to play.

Just got back home from a Wednesday - Sunday trip to your lovely state.

After driving over the Mackinac bridge from Green Bay we played the Bootlegger and the Loop Black, Forest Dunes then the Loop Red, Diamond Springs and the Mines on Friday, and wrapped up with a couple rounds at Pilgrim’s Run before heading home.

Y’all have some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and some absolutely wonderful golf.

Unexpected gems of the trip included dinner at Reed City Brewery and literally the best brisket sandwich I’ve ever had at Diamond Springs (and I’ve been to Texas 4-5 times).

I’m already thinking about ways to get back (and maybe get to see Kingsley).


Great read my man. Signed up to keep up.


Welcome to the fuge my man! Are you in MI?

Awesome trip, what’s your rankings of the courses? Specifically, how do you rate the DeVries trio & Loop/Forest Dunes courses? Seems everyone differs pretty equally tbh.

Hey guis! I am making a solo trek over to Michigan from Wisconsin the weekend of 7/30-7/31 to play a round with @eatonsb on Sunday morning (7/31).

Looking if anyone would want to play a round/grab a drink on Sat. EDIT - who wants to join 12p tee time on 7/30 at Diamond Springs?


That’s a tough one, the four of us on the trip talked about it and there was some definite disagreement…

I’d put The Loop at the top of my list. I think it helped that we saw it both directions, but it has some of the most ridiculous green complexes I’ve ever played. I do generally agree with @Tron that they’re too pushed up, and penal. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable recommending that anyone over about a 15 handicap play it, unless they’re willing to throw score out the window and just enjoy the craziness.

Second I’d go with Diamond Springs. We got stuck behind some folks there for a family reunion that were beyond loaded. It made for a slow round, with so many laughs I think it probably skewed my rankings a bit. We were also ahead of a group of older retired guys giving each other the needle, which reminded me a bit of my regular group at home. It’s a place I could absolutely see myself playing every day. After our round I had the most incredible brisket sandwich outside of Texas (and actually including a couple of meals there too). I’m not actually sure the course alone deserves the second spot, but our experience during the round and the vibes of the place influenced me for sure.

Third I’d put The Mines. We were the last group to finish at sunset, and had a buddie’s first hole in one during the round. As a group I think we shot a 63 (best ball). It reminded me quite a bit of a more tame version of Greywalls. A really enjoyable collection of par 3s, great conditioning, and the way it just pops up after driving through an industrial part of downtown is awesome. (I believe the other three guys on the trip all put The Mines at the top of their list - definitely as the top DeVries)

Next Forest Dunes. I played my best round of the trip here. Conditioning was great, and the views of the clubhouse coming back along 8, 9 and 17 and 18 made for some cool pictures. In general though it reminded me of a bunch of other courses I’ve played. Of the two courses on the property I felt like they’ve got a grower and a show-er. FD is definitely the show-er. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if I was splitting 100 rounds among these course this position in the ranking would reflect how often I’d play it.

Last I’d put Pilgrim’s Run. The vibes here were the worst of the trip by a fairly sizeable margin. It felt really basic and sterile compared to the other courses on the trip. The greens had really interesting internal contours, but outside of a couple of noteable holes I found it to be a somewhat forgettable place.

If I was splitting 10 rounds between the courses I’d go:

2 Loop Red
2 Loop Black
2 Diamond Springs
2 Mines
2 Forest Dunes

Also, the Bootlegger was a ton of fun and shouldn’t be missed. If we would’ve stayed up there for more than one night I’m sure it would’ve been one of my favorites too.


Hey all, looks like FCF has another dropout, this time due to injury and doctor’s orders are no golf for a while.

The waitlists both are empty. Anyone have another potential sub that they can think of?


After years of lusting over it, I’m finally getting a chance to play Belvedere before a friend’s wedding in Petoskey in a couple weeks.

I’ve got a tee-time for four at 2:20pm on Thursday August 4th that I most likely won’t fill up. Anyone in the area that day and interested in teeing it up?


Hi everyone,

My buddies and I from Houston are planning a trip to Ann Arbor/Grand Rapids in early September.
Hoping to get some feedback on our itinerary and possibly a 4th for any of our tee times since one guy backed out.

Current Itinerary:

9-6: Trying to get a twilight round between Detroit Airport and Ann Arbor ~3pm. Will be booked closer to departure date

9-7: 7:30am- U of M Golf Course (booked)
9-7: 3pm- Radrick Farms (booked)

9-8: Stoatin Brae mid morning hopefully (can’t book yet)

9-9: 8am- Pilgrims Run (booked)
9-9: Mines twilight hopefully (can’t book yet)

9-10: 7:40am- Diamond Springs (booked)

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a decent course on our first travel day for twilight?
Also wondering if Radrick Farms is worth it, or should we try a different spot.

If anyone is interested in joining us for any of these tee times, please let me know.
Handicaps are wide ranging 7-20



Leslie Park may be a good option for your 1st round. This is a great itinerary !


Washtenaw golf club would be a great option!


Radrick is definitely worth it, in my opinion.
As others have mentioned, Leslie Park or Washtenaw GC are good choices.


Looks like a great trip! I’m curious how you have a September round booked at UM? That must be some connection.


For U of M the rate is $135 as unaffiliated guests.
That’s how we were able to book far out in advance since we’re not locals.

Same thing for Radrick Farms, but for $125.

By booking both the same day they knock off $20. So $240 total.

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