Roll Call: Michigan (Classic Club Challenge - June 4th - The Mines - Grand Rapids, MI)

Ravines and Diamond Springs arent terrible far from you. Quite a few good options around GR, 30-60min drive - The Mines, Thorneapple Point, Quail Ridge, The Meadows. Lots of other kick around courses if you’re just looking to tee it up anywhere. I’m sure I missed a few worth mentioning too, but I’ll let others chime in!


From saugatuck definitely diamond springs and the ravines. The Mines and the Meadows would be the next two I’d recommend.

Basically, I’d 2nd everything Matt recommended.


I agree with everything my colleagues have said, definitely hit up diamond and the ravines, they’re right there. Clearbrook is nice, nothing crazy. The only thing I’d add is hawks head in south haven, it’s 20 minutes south of saugatuck. Really enjoyable course


good call, that one totally slipped my mind. I was trying to think of something south or southeast of Saugatuck but the only things I could come up with were Stoatin Brae or Harbor Shores, and those are both a hike and half


It is almost Memorial Day, so American dunes is also there. About 40 minutes north.

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Barbara! They’ve forgotten about our golf course again Barbara! It was for the Patriots! BARBARA, How could they!!


Just changed my round today for Diamond Springs. Can’t wait, thanks for all the great advice guys!


You’ll love it. Diamond Springs is the most “up north” golf I’ve felt in the GR area. Is an easy walk if that’s your thing too


Howdy y’all! I’m new to Michigan, in Grand Rapids, looking for someone to get out on the course with, thought working at a golf club I’d be surrounded by golf nuts but that not the case. Anyone else in GR and wanna play sometime?


What up! Plenty of folks over on the west side. Jump in this here slack channel for all things MI roost/ meet up related. Always tee times being tossed around. GO PLAY THE CLASSIC CLUB THIS WEEKEND!

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What club are you working at?


I saw that and wish I could make it but we have our first member/member of the season this week, I’m at Cascade Hills CC


Jump on the slack and watch out for the west MI tee times. Things are starting to heat up with the summer here and lots of guys getting rounds in all over GR and the coastline

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Family trip to Traverse is booked for 8/6-8/11! We are staying closer to Suttons Bay. I really wanted to get to Belvedere, but looks like the commute is a bit much given it’s a family trip. I heard good things about Bahle Farms so I’ll probably play there. I’m the only golfer on the trip so would love to meet up with other Refugees for a round.

I’d hate myself if I didn’t ask—if anyone happens to have a connection at Kingsley I’d love to discuss if possible.


Wife and I may be up there that same weekend

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