Roll Call: Massachusetts

Picco is also near Blackbird in the South End, one of the best pizza places in Boston with strong craft beer (and ice cream!). B&G Oysters is a solid choice for New England seafood, though chef/owner Barbara Lynch is getting some bad press these days. Venturing deeper into the South End, Coppa (Italian) and Toro (tapas) are both favorites of mine, owned by local legends Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette. Myers and Chang is fun and has a variety of Asian small plates (“Dim Sum-y”).


Too bad you couldn’t get onto any good courses.


helps to know the right people. maybe Myopia one day

Let us know when you can get on George Wright before 10am on the weekend. That’s a real hook up.


I’m two years removed from living in the South End…seeing that small murderers row of quality restaurants you listed (not to mention others like Mida, Kava, etc) has me pining for a trip back into the neighborhood.


I work in Back Bay but don’t get to those spots nearly often enough.

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Wish any other George Wright lottery participants luck! This is my first attempt and hopefully last. Does anyone know how / when they share the lottery results on Monday?

they said they would email - no zoom link this year.

Would second Picco. My favorite pizza in Boston. I also think Sally’s has a better sandwich for the price than Mike and Patty’s but if you’re visiting Mike and Patty’s is cooler: definitely a hole in the wall and you get to see Bay Village. It’s maybe $3 more expensive than it should be.

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I just called to see when I can expect to receive the results and the guy just said, “youll get them by email” lol. Best of luck to you!

Check those spam folders! The live lottery last year was awesome, sad to see it go! Anyone know how many entries there are for how many spots?

they still do have the live lottery in person at william j devine but no zoom link and i was unable to attend

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Hey all, possibly staying in Newburyport for my brother’s 40th at the end of June and hoping to to play some golf. Looking around seems like a lot of private courses. Any recommendations of decent public options within 30 minutes of Newburyport?

Best 9 holer in the state, IMHO.


Breakfast hill just in NH used to be pretty good, haven’t played there in 4 or 5 years though


Thanks crew, and yea played Cape Ann two years and loved it!

It’s still pretty good. Tough off the tee in spots and gotta hit it to a thimble sized green in some spots but it’s a fun track.

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Long time listener here. I moved to the Boston area (Brighton) about six months ago from WA. Looking to find some community and golf opportunities as the weather gets nicer. Cheers!

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Welcome! @TheMassHacker can get you hooked up in The Boston Tee Party roost. He may be out of pocket at the moment as he is in Bandon Dunes. Until then, you can always sign up for our next event on June 25.

Thanks for the welcome! I will actually be in Bandon on 6/25! My happy place. I will keep an eye out and try to #getinvolved this season.