Roll Call: Massachusetts

Others should probably weigh in, but personally I would rent a car. If you stay in a location up around the courses, there nothing is really walkable unless you are in downtown Salem or Gloucester.

You’ll want to rent a vehicle. Tough scene trying to find a ride share to pick you up in Hamilton or Manchester-by-theSea.

Plenty of hotels in Gloucester which is pretty close by to both. The Beaufort is nice and should be reasonable in Oct. very very jealous of that combo!


This was tremendously helpful advice. Definitely save me more than a few strokes. Wound up with a decent 84 and didn’t make a single putt, but loved the course. Definitely going back.


Echo the advice to avoid Salem in October and try for the Beaufort. We were up there for a wedding in October last year, it was a really lovely setting and you can get into Gloucester without venturing into the gridlock of spooky Salem. My wife worked in Salem for several years and absolutely hated being there in October. All reports are that is has only gotten worse.

If you don’t need a seaside locale for your stay, I think there are quite a few hotel chains in Danvers where you can probably get a basic room at a good rate, and reasonable drives to both courses.

I may have missed it among the other posts, but is there going to be another Skirmish at Sandyburr this year?

Excellent timing - signups went live yesterday.


Hey gang - I’m making a weeklong Cape Cod League run (an annual work trip for me) from July 24-31. I usually try to get in a round every morning on these trips, on the Cape or in Plymouth. Anybody going to be in the area that week and interested in teeing it up?

A little far for me from the city but sounds like a good time. Have fun!

I live in Plymouth and might be able to play next week, depending on the day.

Ok cool! Let me know if there’s a morning (or potentially early afternoon) between 7/24 and 7/31 that works best for you - I’ll probably try to get out every day the weather cooperates, and happy to drive to Pinehills or Waverly or Atlantic or wherever you like to play.

Also while I’m at it, for the group - here are the places I usually play on the Cape (in addition to those Plymouth courses) - am I missing any other good public courses?

Cranberry Valley
Dennis Pines
Bass River
Brookside (not a big fan)

Have not played Cape Cod CC or the Captain’s Course but have meant to - worth playing? Any others?

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Cape Cod CC is always a lot of fun, played it two weeks ago and it was in good shape. I try to play it each year I visit my in-laws, highly recommend. I also tried Bayberry Hills in Yarmouth for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised how interesting some approach shots played with firm conditions and undulations around the greens.


I love all the Plymouth courses, but if you haven’t played Southers Marsh, I’d recommend it. So much fun and the nicest vibes.

Yes they are all worth playing. I’d add in Olde Barnstable as well, fun track despite the crappy opening hole. If they ever had the greens rolling quick then it would really be fun.

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And, as always, check out Little Marion before you go over the bridge.


Also a great option if you like center line trees.



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Captains, Starboard being better than Port
Highland Links
Cape Cod CC
Olde Barnstable
Eastward Ho! (Kidding)


So much great feedback, thanks all! Much appreciated, look forward to expanding my Cape area golf portfolio next week.

Marion is the only answer if you’ve never played it


FWIW, the smash burger at Captains is an exceptional burger.