Roll Call: Maryland

Playing the CC this weekend

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Would anyone be interested in purchasing a certificate for a foursome at Hunt Valley Country Club from me? I bought it during a virtual silent auction earlier in the year, and will likely be unable to use it before it expires on 12/31. The only stipulation is that the certificate is only valid Monday-Thursdays.

Send me a PM if interested and we can workout pricing. Not necessarily looking for full recoup of what I spent, just don’t want the certificate to go to waste completely!

Punched fairways and SLOW greens at mt. Pleasant yesterday. Hoping to take a day off next week and do 36 at Queenstown.

River greens have recovered nicely since being punched a few weeks back. Some of the fairways are struggling after the high heat/heavy rain combo and have still been pretty wet so hopefully they rebound with this nice weather. Haven’t played the Lakes lately but would assume it’s about the same or maybe even slightly worse as it doesn’t tend to dry out as well as the River course does.

Had another personal best at Piney Branch. Playing again Friday.

I’ll be hitting the River tomorrow afternoon, but taking the persimmons out there to get ready for the DMV Fall Classic, excited for the wildly different perspective and ending up in spots i probably never have.

Anyone else playing in the Classic from the Baltimore area? @RobertHunter doing an awesome job sorting all this out, any ideas on how to arrange carpooling?


That sounds sick! What tees do you plan on playing?

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A fantastic question that I’ll be wrestling with for the next 28 hours…

Last time I was there we tipped it out, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had out there. I think the blues with some old equipment will be a lot of golf course [6600 yds?], but QH might be my happy place, so even if i get my teeth kicked in for that decision, I’ll still love every minute of it.


Yeah we typically play the Blues but played the tips a few times last month and had a lot of fun with the tee boxes making some of the holes completely. I think the Blues are about 6800 on the River.

My buddies and I lucked in to a corporate membership group this year so we are typically up there every weekend

Playing 1 and 9 from the Tips vs the Blues is fer sher the absolute best. But sheeesh, 6800 could be a little much… but there is exactly one way to find out…


  1. Is your company hiring
  2. Would you let me know if you ever need a fourth :eyes:

So we got a group in a friends Dads company group that has been getting the membership for years. QH doesn’t even offer them anymore but he’s grandfathered in. QH turns a blind eye and knows not all of us are employees since it is $20k in their pocket. We’re guaranteed like 5-7 tee times a month with most of ours being on the weekends. For what we paid I have already gotten my monies worth in the first 6 weeks of the memebership. And will always reach out when we need an extra!


I’m coming from towson

Fox Hollow was looking alright minus the aerated greens yesterday. Can’t complain about the discount.

Fox Hollow has been in good shape all year, with the minor exception of the rough length at points. Partly due to the rain, but it feels like even then its not getting cut very often.

A couple of my high handicap friends love playing there, so I play it pretty often. Always tricks me into thinking my game’s dialed.


I see Lake Presidential is for sale at $1.75 million. Must be one of the reasons the conditioning is so bad at the moment.


Same thing at my club. Starting to recover but this summer was the perfect storm for killing rye grass.

Does that price include the land, or is it separately owned by the housing development the course is located in? Seems like it would be the discount of all discounts if that price was for the land as well.

We actually have re-seeded our three most problematic fairways with a low-mow bluegrass strain that supposedly is more resistant to heat and requires less maintenance. So I think it will be a benefit in the long run, although many of our members are not particularly happy with the short-term inconvenience.

The remaining ryegrass fairways are slowly improving now that we have seen a couple weeks of better weather for turfgrass growth and recover.

I’m not sure how golf course deals go, but I’d imagine that if it is for the land, that land is probably zoned only to be a golf course or open space or nothing. Would probably be very difficult to re-zone to build any more houses or develop anything else on there