Roll Call: Maryland

Got a great Baltimore weekend plan, figured I’d share. Some coworkers and I were yearning for some sort of outlet, going a little stir crazy, and came up with this:

I present the Baltimore Mayor’s Cup 2020

I’m sure most are aware of the struggles with Baltimore Leadership. In recognition, we have Team Catherine Pugh (s/o Healthy Holly) and Team Sheila Dixon (s/o Gift Card Theft).

7/24 Rocky Point, Fourball
7/25 Fox Hollow, Alt Shot
7/26 Diamond Ridge, Singles Matches

Large range of handicaps, budget friendly golf, and budget friendly trophies.


I’ll give another shameless plug for the Baltimore County courses real quick. Between the 8 golfers we had playing this weekend (6 of whom are 18-36 handicappers), 54 holes of golf, I believe we had a cumulative 8-10 lost golf balls total. They’re affordable, interesting/score-able enough to have fun for low-caps, forgiving/open enough for high-caps. If you need me, I’ll be banging the drum for the County Advantage Card within a 20 mile radius.


Awesome idea- sounds like it was a good time! My buddies and I have talked about doing something similar with the city courses- Pine Ridge, Mount Pleasant, Clifton, and/or Forest Park.

Definitely agree with the advantage card- Baltimore County has great options and I feel like (though I’m not sure) that the Baltimore area has just as many good, affordable public golf options as any city. I’d definitely encourage everyone on here to check out the City courses as well if you haven’t before or haven’t been in a while. Lots of history, lots of interest and quirks, easy but not push-overs. And they can be in great shape if you catch them at the right time. They have an advantage card type deal as well, and with that the courses are probably the cheapest in the area.


Posted on the Va site too, but just had to cancel Landsdowne reservations due to the Covid limitations on site and looking to see if anyone would host myself and a buddy at your club on Sat 8/8.

Understand we can play a public course but was just excited to play private that day.

New to the Refuge community, loving it so far. Living in Bel Air, playing to a 4 and always looking to play with new people.

Also I work at Mountain Branch golf course so if anyone wants in on some discount golf that’s always on the table.



Hope that we can get a solid number of folks from in here at this event! Still looking for a course (been getting professionally ignored by Mount Pleasant) so if anyone has ideas let me know.


As a Baltimore resident who still hasn’t #gotteninvolved, I am very interested in this. The only issues are that I have no classic clubs, and I’d only be able to do the first weekend in October.

I’ve been lurking in the classic clubs thread and have looked at MANY craigslist and marketplace posts (and thrift stores) for some diamonds in the rough, but alas, nothing to show for it yet. Regardless, I’ll be following this closely!


Just grabbed 1/3 spots available for 6:51a @ Mt.Pleasant tomorrow if anyone’s interested in joining. Looks like 2 spots still reservable.

I’m sure there are a handful of people on this thread that vacation down in Rehoboth/Dewey area. Just got back from a week down there and played a new track, Plantation Lakes.

$79 for a Friday morning 7:25 tee time, and the course is a gem. It has your standard Bear Trap Dunes/Bayside vibes for a few holes. Force carry water and such. But then has some surprising holes that are so unique to the area.

If you are down there this summer, highly recommend getting out there.


Thanks for the recomendation always looking for new course to play down there. Played Baywood Greens and Lighthouse Sound last week but always looking for new courses.

Thanks for the recomendation always looking for new course to play down there. Played Baywood Greens and Lighthouse Sound last week but always looking for new courses.

Dropping a quick warning in here, would avoid Rocky Point for the next couple weeks. The course has taken on wayyy to much water over the past few weeks (long “dry” spell early this season and tons of rain lately) and was in the worst shape I’ve ever seen it. Maybe other courses facing similar issues, but large bare spots/mud on the fairways, big streaks of dead grass/seeding areas. Greens were rolling maybe a 5-6. RP is always in great shape, was very surprised to see how much damage it took on.


Played Woodmore CC in Mitchellville last week. Great course, really liked the routing and some very fun holes. Unfortunately had the same course issues mentioned above and was a bit of a swamp, but cant wait to get back out in the fall. Great vibes, starter Jim was incredibly nice and met up with a few college friends I hadn’t seen in years.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pine Ridge was in fantastic shape on Saturday am. Was expecting the same wetness I’ve been experiencing elsewhere and not the case. Greens firm and rolling decent, fairways holding up really nicely. Always a pleasure.


I know I’ve only lived here 3 years, but is it me or is the amount of rain (and days in which it rains) crazy this summer? I haven’t been able to cut my grass for like two weeks lol

Yeah this has been ridiculous.


We go from barely any rain in June and most of July to tons of it the past couple weeks. It’s crazy


Stick around for the 6-year blizzard cycle which is conveniently sandwiched between 75 degree January days


Lol. I lived my entire life in St. Louis before this, so I completely understand.


I’ve been lucky. Play usually Wednesday and Fridays at 10am. Maybee an hour of light rain every other round. Doesn’t bother me.

Played twice this week. Weather was beautiful. Humidity and heat finally broke a little. Had my best round ever yesterday. Not embarrassed to say still haven’t broken a 100, but so close. Glad I joined a club this year. 20 rounds year to date and counting.