Roll Call: Maine

Going to the Whitinsville event on 10/10 and have a family thing on the weekend of 10/24. Should be able to make any other date.

edit: But don’t let me impact any date decision by any means… I can always try to make something work lol

I have weekend plans seemingly every weekend for the rest of eternity, so I won’t be able to make it anytime this year. However, let me strongly encourage anyone who has not played Cape Arundel to go play if they can. Place is great.

Mid-Am at Web in a few weeks is going to be sick

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Just got back from Pinehurst and have gotten two covid tests in the past 3 days - one to make sure I wasn’t infected while down there, one this morning to make sure I didn’t catch it at the airport on Tuesday. So I can snag a test whenever I need to - fortunately these ones are free and drive-through. But agreed with @bjennings210 - don’t let our availability stop you from planning what works best for the most people.

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Great! Can’t wait to see you there. I’m going to let folks weigh in with any other date preferences by the end of the weekend and then call the club for options.

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Totally down. I can probably find a couple of other Maine-based folks to join in, too.

Edit: Any weekend is workable, except Sunday 10/25.

Would be very interested in a CA day. Have no problem getting a covid test, Western MA here

@Goose Saw your post in the RI thread with potential dates. The 3rd/4th, I can make it. The 10/11th, I won’t be able to.

I would love to get out on CA! I will follow this thread and will try and play when a date is finalized (I am pretty open in October).

Interested in joining from NH, been wanting to check out Arundel for a while. Are you still looking at the first two weekends in Oct?


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Anybody ever play Webhannet in Kennebunk? Nice track, though not sure you can get on unless you know somebody. I think it manages to be less stuffy than Arundel while more punishing and probably a bit less fun. The par 3s out there are brutal.

I’m a member at Web and am happy to host anyone interested in playing. It’s a fun track, good greens, quite different from CA though

Could definitely be down for this. Would be coming from the Boston area, testing would be completely worth it since CA is such a good track.

Is there any update on the CA meetup? Is there a date decided yet?

If the CA meet up is the first weekend in October, I’m in

I’ll provide an update tomorrow. Stay tuned


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Hi guys looking at random golf trips. I was wondering if there was a suggested 4 or 5 day loop. There is alot cool looking 9 holders up there. Im from alabama so I guess I would fly into Boston and drive up? Thanks

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You could fly into portland potentially depending if any direct flights from Alabama. Flying into Boston leaves you 1.5-2 hour drive to Portland proper.