Roll Call: Maine

Are you member there? I play at a “resurrection golf” course , in orono

From Away Current C.E. Checking In!

Moving to Maine in September, looking to get involved in the Maine scene and run a few loops before the snow flies. Val Halla and Toddy Brook will be my home tracks, but always interested in getting farther afield.

Not a full-time Maine golfer yet. Just moved to Chicago from Pittsburgh, but hoping to move the family to Vacationland in the near future. My parents just retired full-time to Blue Hill. Anyways, just wanted to report how great Kebo is. Usually, I am hiking with the family when I get to MDI, but after eying it for years, finally got in a round this summer, and it didn’t disappoint.

Front nine def more interesting than the back, but some great holes throughout. Layout allows for a fair amount of old school ground game golf, though there are a few greens perched on mountains. Some decent width helps keep balls in play, while some really tough, super slick greens make going low quite difficult. Views are incredible. Just really pure, overall.

Other faves around the Penobscot Peninsula are Island CC on Deer Isle and Penobscot Valley in Orono. Also love Castine, but it’s really been struggling conditions wise the last few years.


I’m in North Yarmouth so hit me up if you want a game.

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Anyone want to try and plan a get-together at Arundel in October (when the rates drop). Could do either of the first two weekends. Might solicit interest in the other NE states, too.


Any interest? @Gtaylor @jquentin @3PuttMaine @mnkinn12 @Cbernie28 @btmorse21 @Dr.3Putt @elzornado

I Will check my work schedule this coming week and I’ll get back to you. A good possibility I will be clear!

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Yo count me all the way in for this! Haven’t played CA yet but I would love to. There are a lot of MA guise that would be interested as well, let me know if I should try to get a group together.

If possible could we not do 10/10, as I am hosting an event at Whitinsville GC in MA that day? Also if anyone wants to attend that please feel free to PM me, place is sick. I realize it’s a drive for the Maine folks though.

Would love—love—to welcome others, but note that Cape Arundel is asking everyone to abide by the state quarantine rules, and as of now ME is only waiving quarantine if 1) you are coming from NY, CT, NH, or VT; or 2) you have a negative COVID test in the last 72 hours.

Consistent with the TC way, I think we have to honor the course’s request even acknowledging that we’re all going to be socially distanced as we play. Maybe they will change the rules and maybe the MA folks can get the COVID rest - in which case, please come!

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I would definitely be in for this. Live in Mass but spend weekends in KPT. Can also host a few folks at Webhannet if that’s of interest

From RI, would LOVE to make a trip up to Cape Arundel depending on date. No issue getting a Covid test either.

Are there dates in October that look better for you?

Going to the Whitinsville event on 10/10 and have a family thing on the weekend of 10/24. Should be able to make any other date.

edit: But don’t let me impact any date decision by any means… I can always try to make something work lol

I have weekend plans seemingly every weekend for the rest of eternity, so I won’t be able to make it anytime this year. However, let me strongly encourage anyone who has not played Cape Arundel to go play if they can. Place is great.

Mid-Am at Web in a few weeks is going to be sick

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Just got back from Pinehurst and have gotten two covid tests in the past 3 days - one to make sure I wasn’t infected while down there, one this morning to make sure I didn’t catch it at the airport on Tuesday. So I can snag a test whenever I need to - fortunately these ones are free and drive-through. But agreed with @bjennings210 - don’t let our availability stop you from planning what works best for the most people.

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Great! Can’t wait to see you there. I’m going to let folks weigh in with any other date preferences by the end of the weekend and then call the club for options.

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Totally down. I can probably find a couple of other Maine-based folks to join in, too.

Edit: Any weekend is workable, except Sunday 10/25.

Would be very interested in a CA day. Have no problem getting a covid test, Western MA here