Roll Call: KC Area – Still Shitting on Great Life while pre-planning 2021 event (#2454)

How am I suppose to go to work? Wow. We are the Super Bowl Champs!


Just wild, man!

After 30 and 50 years of agony, a flyover city with only 2 major sports franchises wins the World Series and Super Bowl within 5 years!!!


I’m not actually at work right now, am I?



bump the shit out of this…already finding space on my walls for this frame.

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I am the embodiment of Worse for the Wear today…


Was yesterday real??? Could not have written up a more perfect day.

Also very very thankful I just dropped off my kids at school. Super Bowl hangover is no joke but soooooo worth it.

Well I am sitting here just trying to think about what a perfect day was yesterday. It was a great day to live in KC!

This weekend was amazing. I got some swings in and bumped into my old swing coach on the range at Ironhorse on Saturday afternoon. Sunday was very calm and included a nice bike ride before the game. Then, from 30 minutes to kickoff until halftime, I was a wreck. My Garmin watch records stress levels from 0-100, and it was between 80 and 95 from pregame to halftime. During halftime, it dropped to the 60s, then jumped back up to the 90s until the last TD. For reference, it’s currently in the 20s. I also had no desire to eat/drink during the game for whatever reason. Happily knocked back some champagne and a couple celebratory Boulevards afterwards, though.

I fell less “joyful” or whatever compared to when the Royals won a few years ago, but I think that has more to do with this coming second. This also feels like the start of potentially more titles where the Royals window was closing after 2015 and baseball postseasons are much more of a crapshoot. I feel like as long as we have Mahomes, there’s a legit shot to win a title every year which is wild.


I agree on the levels of joy felt. The MLB playoffs is so long and drawn out that the drama builds over the whole month. It was an investment to watch all those games and all the comebacks for 2 postseasons. You kinda blink, and it’s the 3rd quarter of the super bowl.

Regardless, this is huge, and I hope a sign of some sustained success for the Chiefs.


how many of you are planning on going to the parade and union station Wednesday?

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Probably not parade, but I’ll walk from my place to Union Station I think.

How fat is Mahomes’ contract going to be!?! :exploding_head:

I’m not, but that’s only because I started a new job last week. I’ll be able to watch TV coverage on my second monitor, regardless.

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I will be at the parade, we got a hotel room so we can have a downtown base camp.


It’s going to be insane. They’ll obviously give him north of $35/yr (I think Dak is rumored to sign for that on day 1 of new calendar??), but I’m curious how much will be guaranteed and within the next 2-3 years…

Coming down to KC in May for a bachelor party. A few of us are coming down early to get a little golf in…and we are looking for 2-3 golf courses that we should play. What do you guys recommend? Thanks!

Where are you staying? What do you want in a golf course?

Sounds like we are staying in Shawnee. Looking for well maintained courses at a somewhat affordable price (but not the most important).

1 of the rounds will be with the full bachelor party group (some non-golfers mixed in there) so for this round the conditions aren’t the highest priority.

For the other 2 rounds, it will just be 3-4 of us that are all very into golf and solid players. We are looking for fun routing and well maintained courses that will challenge us, and help enhance our experience in KC.


Swope could work for either to be honest. It’s a muni that’s not in amazing shape, but has some fun holes and history (Tillinghast design) that the serious players can enjoy. It’s pretty cheap as well which is probably good for the full group. I also like Ironhorse which would be better for the golf-centric group. It’s usually in good shape, but can have some drainage issues if there’s been a bunch of rain the week before you’re playing. Cost is around $60 with a cart included.

Thanks for the info! What can you tell me about Sykes and St Andrews, and ho they compare to Swop and Ironhorse?