Roll Call: KC Area – Still Shitting on Great Life while pre-planning 2021 event (#2454)

If you’re coming into town, I’m hosting you for some golf.

I mean, 99% no, but one can dream

Somewhat related to BCN, a potential event at Creekmoor, or any refuge meetup, I found out my first project at Garmin will be golf-centric. Because of that, I’ll be able to grab some prototype golf stuff we’re working on to “test” during rounds. Unsure what will be available once it warms up, but there’s some cool stuff that’s currently being worked on.


My current view from my desk. Looks like there’s plenty of room for another one.


OMG - 65 degrees!?

this is exactly what I want…then the jayhawk below!!

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Anyone planning on competing in any/many KGA events this season? The lineup looks decent:

  • Mid-Amateur Team/Senior Team - Falcon Lakes Golf Club (May 4-5)
  • The Railer, Kansas Stroke Play - Sand Creek Station Golf Course (June 26-28)
  • Kansas Amateur Match Play - Colbert Hills Golf Course (July 20-26)
  • Heart of America Four-Ball Match Play - Lawrence CC (August 3-4)
  • High Plains Amateur - Buffalo Dunes Golf Course (August 29-30)
  • Mid-Amateur - Nicklaus GC at LionsGate (October 19-20)

I’ll volunteer to test a s40 or s60. Using a vivoactive HR now that I really like for all non-golf purposes and it’s usable for golf but I’m intrigued by the golf specific ones.

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HOA Four Ball is very intriguing… Love LCC @HawkTalk

good lineup. the match play at Colbert hills might get wild…lots of hole swings out there

Also Buffalo Dunes is a pretty sick track…in the middle of NOWHERE

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For sure the Mid-Am and maybe the KS Fourball at Eagle Bend if @sundaybag will be my partner. Not too intrigued by the Kansas Am being at Colbert, so probably won’t try and qualify for that.

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Retro Jayhawk decanter was a great eBay find a while back. I’ve seen a few more on there every once in a while.

Book it.

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I’m curious how that Kansas Am will go at Colbert. I’ve played in the Konza Prairie a few times and think they’ll set it up similar, mostly the “one up” tees. That practically forces less than driver on everything but 6, maybe 7, maybe 9, maybe 13, 16. 4 and 14 both become 220 layup + 210 approach.

Looks like there’s four S40s available for employees to check out, so that should be easy. Like I mentioned, once we get some rounds organized, I’ll try to grab some toys to bring along.

It will be interesting to see how they do set it up. It can be a beast. I’ve never been too fond of it, personally. Some of that could hinge on it being in Manhattan. Even if it were anywhere else I still don’t think I would like all that much.

I think they will set it up as easy as reasonably possible. Shit is in play on almost every drive and approach. For the Konza Prairie, it is Stableford so guys can essentially pickup and take double if they sail one into the gunch. With two waves totaling over 140 golfers, July heat and winds, it could be 6-hour rounds :grimacing:

Sidenote, has anyone else played the Black & Blue out at Colbert? Individual stroke play, in October, from the back of the furthest back box on every hole, with borderline illegal pin positions. Total carnage. It’s AWESOME. Best way to experience that carnival ride of a course.

I think you have to qualify thru other tournaments if I’m not mistaken, but am definitely willing to try to qualify! Would be a fun time for sure.

I think I’m going to try to play the Railer this year if the wife will let me out of the house.


Correct, top-8 at the Kansas Fourball and KC Fourball qualify.