Roll Call: KC Area – Mid-Am Life while pre-planning 2021 event (#2454)

Just don’t play against @KC_Badger - dude is a menace tee to green.

I’ve been in KC for 10+ years and have never heard of this place. It appears to be… something. I kind of want to see it for myself. The ‘art’ is especially head-scratching.

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Safe to say I have never heard of it either. Looks like some Mickey Mouse golf to me.

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Says the champ.

How many trophies do you have at your house?!

Oh it’s for sure weird. Front nine is more executive style, back is more like a par-3 course, and as you can see, the creative liberties taken are… talking points? I knew I was in for something special when I rolled up and saw a 12 foot high chain-link fence separating the 10th tee from the parking lot (which is mostly located behind the direction of play).

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It’s super wacky, to be sure.

As an aside, saw TopGolf has a Tuesday 1/2 off special. $22.50/HR. Feels like a good place to practice with all this shit weather we’ve had. Might try to go next week.

I’ve never been a huge fan of actually practicing at TopGolf. Always been a hang out and hit a few balls with generic clubs type of place for me. Good to get some swings in though.

Agreed. Still love smacking it around at TopGolf.

Seriously though, anyone down to play some sim golf at Broadway Arcade in downtown? They have nice sims with E6 software (can play Oakmont) and it is only $10/hr during happy hour and bumps up to $20 an hour after 7 PM. Can get some legit reps in there and it’s a bar so there is booze too.

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Wait a second, there is a golf simulator downtown? How have I not heard of this place yet?

Guess who’s GF lives across the damn street from Broadway Arcade? This guy.

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It’s at Broadway Arcade. Kinda like UpDown but less video games and more game games. Pool, darts, ping pong, pop-a-shot. Wonder how they’d feel if you bring your own clubs in?

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That’s sick, is it P&L or more crossroads / crown center?

Dang, that sounds pretty sweet actually. Just looked it up and it’s a couple blocks from where I work.

10th and Broadway

I might need to check that out. I’ve got to be down there for quick business trips again two more nights this month.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaa I’m in, too. I also work downtown, so happy hour would work great.

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I also work downtown and would be in on some sim golf. Is it next to the Quaff? I used to have a regular monday ‘board meeting’ there for $0.50 tacos and $2 pounders.

It’s about 100 feet to the right of the Quaff and up a level.

Shit I need to move back