Roll Call: KC Area – Fall meetup event?

I’ll look at Thursday times, and yeah you are right by where I live near 47th and Oak. there is no option under 20 mins besides Swope. It’s either way up north by the airport or south in OP.

I think I saw you hit a flopasaurus off of the 18th tee to the 17th green.

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This is tough, but fair.


@NightTrainLane @PSchmitt9 sounds good for Sunday morning, count me in

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@NightTrainLane I possibly have a 4th if there is still a last spot open for Sunday

There is still a spot open, let me know if you got it filled!


My buddy is in for Sunday AM, can’t wait. See you guys at the course, what’s the name the tee time is under? @NightTrainLane

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@Sticca The tee time is under “Schartz”, like when you trust a fart after eating TacoBell for lunch…

See you guys in the AM.


Gave me a good lil chuckle. Hit em well.

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HOA coming in with the budget hat options For the woke

$10 sales rack of “samples”. Yes, they are selling sample hats from imperial of not their course.


Could buy all 4 for $40 and probably convert that into $150


Haven’t checked in a while, but just wanted to add that I played Hillcrest Saturday AM and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised for my $65. Had been a while since I played and all the new white sand bunkers and care they have implemented to bring back the bare spots in the fairway have gone a long way.

The bar is set to re-open this week and supposedly a pool reno is in the works. It was an enjoyable time.

I played there not too long ago either and agree that it’s shaping up pretty nicely. I could do without the white sand bunkers. i only got into one of them, but i wished I had sunglasses it was so blindingly bright.

I was a little confused about the dog park fencing. Seems to be a weird way to spend money on a place that needs it so many other places.

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In talking to some on saturday, it seems like the want more entertainment as a whole in the facility and the dog park thing was a way to bring more people out. Called it a “pooch and putt” or something similar to that. Will be interesting to track progress.

I was fortunate to miss all that lovely white sand…this time.

I played there Sunday. It is wayyyyy better than it used to be. I’m not the biggest fan of the course itself, but the conditioning was markedly better than even a year ago. Greens were rolling pretty true.

Probably have some bias here, but I think swope is still better, IMO.

The Mutt and Putt is a weird thing to add.


100% with you on Swope.

Hello fellow KC NLU’ers. Just joined after lurking for a while.

Hope to get a round in with some of y’all at some point. Live in the Midtown area and play HOA often, largely because of location and price.


welcome! did you just move to KC or have you been here for awhile?

Been in KC for about five years now, moved from Virginia when I got married.

Just got back into playing golf within the last two years, working on getting to know the good courses around here!