Roll Call: KC Area – BCN Meetup: 7/11, 1:00p. Signup Post #2165

Uhhh you totally could.

Update: he’s doing it folks!!!


The weather forecast is looking good for next Sunday 8/2. Anyone wanting to play somewhere? I’m itching to play!

Thanks to @Flopasaurus for setting up the Swope Memorial round and being such a great host for the afternoon/evening. Great meeting up with @jimithng23 and @ericrbens, as well. Great playing. Much appreciated.

What a great course…especially for the money. Every par 4 and 5 started with “You can hit driver here, but…”. It helped to have experienced partners to play with.
Lots of decisions to be made all through the layout, which makes it fun. Walked it without any trouble but the amount of undulation got the full attention of my lungs.



I’ll be in town from Charlotte and looking to play Sunday morning!

@Gary shot the sneakiest even par 9 I have ever seen and that was with some greens-reading trouble out there.

Fairways were in great shape but the greens were on the rough side.

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Yeah greens have been not-great there recently. Especially after seeing what Wild Horse had to offer. :sweat_smile:

@Sticca @NightTrainLane I’d be down to play somewhere Sunday morning, where you guys thinking?

How did we not meet at Wild Horse? WTF.

@KC_Badger @Gary also any interest still in a twilight round this week? tomorrow or Thursday works best for me.

@PSchmitt9 I’m just in town for work and don’t know the area too well so I’ll defer to you. I’m up for anything though, I’ll be in the Overland Park area but location doesn’t really matter to me.

Funny. Just played there on Weds myself on the way home from CO.

We could try Lady Sykes or Swope? I don’t care

Lady Sykes was full. I snagged a 4-some @ Swope at 8:42 Sunday morning. @PSchmitt9 @Sticca We need a 4th…Anyone?

Our Member-Member event is this weekend, so Sunday will be spent atoning for my sins from Friday & Saturday :laughing:


Tomorrow is probably not going to work but I think Thursday @ 6pm is doable. If that’s too late I understand, but I don’t have much control over my schedule right now.

Also: I’m working at UMKC (at Oak & 52nd), so it would have to be near there.

@Flopasaurus - Good news, that first address I gave you was wrong. We’re at a much better spot.

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Oh thank goodness.

Bad news: There isn’t really a public course close to UMKC. Closest would be Swope (where we played) and I’m pretty sure Thursday is a league night for them.

Awesome, I’m in! Sunday at 8:42 at Swope sounds sweet

I’ll look at Thursday times, and yeah you are right by where I live near 47th and Oak. there is no option under 20 mins besides Swope. It’s either way up north by the airport or south in OP.

I think I saw you hit a flopasaurus off of the 18th tee to the 17th green.

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