Roll Call: Indiana - Roster Sign-up Post 732

New to the nest as well. I live just North of Indy. I would be down for a meet up.


Awesome idea! Hope this can come together. Looking forward to playing another Langford & Moreau design.

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I’d be interested!

Unfortunately, I’m not planning to join the nest, so my refuge account will be inactive at the end of the month.

I believe you will still be able to access roll calls though! DM me your email so I can keep you in the loop just in case.

It is an absolute delight of a course. Fair amount of elevation change for Indiana and the silkiest greens around.

Hey everyone! Here is the event for the Indiana meet up at Harrison Hills! Let me know if there are any questions.


I’ll be down for a meet up later in the summer… I will be at Bandon Dunes in mid June!

Dormie is cool but pricey, right? I always seek entry in the side door (member network). Ha.

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It appears to be quite salty. If I had the money and was close to any of the courses I would do it. Especially Victoria. That looks like an amazing track to sharpen some teeth on.

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I’m joining IU. $2800 for everything. I proposed a Golf Ball Replacement Program but the pro did not even crack a smile.

Hopefully the fescue is a little less wispy and golf ball hide-y this year. Handicap going up up up!


Let’s get out there soon!

Never played Charriot even though it’s 15 minutes from my house. Play Old Capitol quite a bit and thoroughly enjoy that course

Checking in from Evansville here. I got over and played Chariot Run for the first time this past fall and it was brutal! Loved the layout, but I played it the day before a tournament and really struggled. Managed to shoot 103 with 5 par’s on the card. Really want to get back and play it again though. Just struggled on and around the greens because they were much faster than I’m used to.

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Good to see another SW Indiana member. I’m in Fort Branch! I played Chariot Run probably 10-12 years ago.

Very nice! Where all do you play around here?

I play on Wednesday nights men club at Cambridge, play at McDonald quite a bit and Country Oaks in Montgomery and Prides Creek. I also play on the Golfweek Am Tour and we play courses thruought southern Inddiana and Kentucky.

Welcome. I am also in the area (Newburgh).

I play mostly at McDonald and Fendrich.

Nice! I have played a ton at McDonald because I live right next to it. I also play at Quail Crossing a lot, but I recently broke down and joined Oak Meadow.

Good for you, Oak Meadow is a fun track. I have been toying with joining Rolling Hills but cannot commit. I hear bad things about the tee sheet being jammed up and slow which defeats the purpose for me. I did a summer preview at ECC last summer and that spoiled me. Too much to commit to, unfortunately.

Quail is super close by, but last time I was there the greens were unplayable. It has been a while though. Might have to give it a try again. It’s a Tom Doak! haha.

Yeah, back until 2010ish Quail was amazing. It actually used to host a Hooter’s Tour event way back in the day. Unfortunately, the original owner sold it to Warrior golf who came in and raised the price and quit taking care of the course. The city of Booneville bought it and has made some pretty big strides, but they still have a long way to go. It’s by far my favorite routing in the area, so I really hope they can get it back to it’s original condition. If you ever need a playing partner at McDonald or Fendrich here in town, I’m always down though!

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