Roll Call: Indiana - Old Broken Bucket registration #1309 -

Pretty informal walkthrough of all the content that will be shared same-day. If Discord has a recording feature I’ll enable it.

Let’s see if we can get at least 8 involved to end the Crossroads Cup Matchplay Series 23’

October 1st @ Noble Hawk


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Question, I’m in Ohio is there a way to play IGA events like the one at Brickyard?

I don’t know what it means to have a handicap index through Indiana Golf? Does my affiliated club have to be in Indiana, is it as simple as that? In which case obviously folks can really only play in their home state.

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I believe that is correct. Your handicap has to be purchased through Indiana golf which will typically only be done for Indiana courses. I know that some also have handicap requirements (this one at Brickyard you have to be under a 9).

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My understanding too. Can only play in some tournaments if you hold HCP with that AGA

Worth calling tourney director to see tho

I’m in.

The 1st out at Noble Hawk, member appreciation day.
I believe we only have 4 interested in an outing on that day anyway…
I move that the 23’ season ends on Oct. 1st and we start racking and stacking for “The year of the Roost 2024” beginning Oct. 2nd!
(We’ll discuss it further on the 21st, I imagine.:sunglasses:)

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Not able to partake in the “official” Otter Creek event so I’m going to play next Tuesday, 9/19.

10:30 am Otter Creek Golf Course - Championship Course (North/West)
2:50 pm Otter Creek Golf Course - East Links 9

Got both of them on GolfNow deals and the remaining three spots were open if anyone wants to join.

CCO fam–please see here for the 2023-24 Season overview. Everyone that would like to participate next season, please fill out the CCO Member Survey, linked within.

Check out the Discord for our Q&A event where we go over the details in this deck, and bring your feedback/questions. Can’t make the event? Reply here.


Five spots are still available for the Border Battle against HCC at Park Mammoth, Mar 3, 2024!

Reply directly to this or DM me to claim a spot.

Looking at potential preview play Friday, revelry, and then a fourball/singles split on Saturday.

Great fun, I know :triumph::corn:

Super random but I have an outing in Evansville tomorrow at rolling hills cc (registration at 8, shotgun start at 9) where I’ve had a couple spots open up. If anyone is interested/available, give me a call or text 440-570-8829. Currently driving down from Cleveland so won’t be able to monitor this thread too closely.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Nothing is spookier than housekeeping, and I’ve got a big bowl of it sitting out on the porch for you to dig into with both hands.

We’re closing in on Roost Application news as mentioned in the latest Nest pod. In preparation, regardless of our Roost App outcome, please be sure to do a few things and cement your Crossroads Co-Op preparedness for the 2023-24 season:

Stay tuned to Discord for more info on the new season, and take advantage of travel and/or warm weather to get some Match Play in!

No doubles,


We’re an official Roost, and for that reason, we can start ordering merch. As you may have seen in the Discord, ShootersShoot Golf has been kind enough to put together the CCO member towel, and I’m excited to collect our initial order.

Please visit this sheet and drop your name if you want one.

Don’t Venmo me yet—I’ll know order costs per person once we have our volume set.


Roost updates:

  • towel order is complete, and are planned for a mid-January delivery. Jump in the sheet if you’d like to reserve yours, and they’ll be passed along next time I see each of you

  • lodging is secured for Park Mammoth. We have two great Airbnb’s to host our group, and you can stay tuned to Discord for more info once you’ve signed up for the Farmer’s Cup on Unknown Golf

  • two spots remain for the Farmer’s Cup (Mar 2nd) and we invite you to join up. It will be a hell of a way to kick off spring. More info The Farmer’s Cup II - March 2, 2023 - High Cotton Club vs Crossroads Co-Op


@Crossroads_CoOp don’t forget to change your flair! #laterOATW


This one hurts.

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Gonna be a good time down at Park Mammoth though!


You could change your flair for, say, March 2nd??

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Anyone interested in playing FREE simulator golf on Saturday, 12/23 at 11:30 in the morning?

The Hangar downtown is offering free 90 minutes of simulator golf if you bring 6 people.

EDIT: Or I could probably do 1 pm. There are
currently slots available at both times.

@Crossroads_CoOp Members,

Our first season as a Roost will be a short, jam-packed thrill ride. We’re going to do our very best to scale the Roost and fill the calendar with great meetups and competition.

While a few dates are in flux, I want everyone to review the key dates below. Due to the Roost Regional date of July 12th, our season needs to wrap up end of June. That way, we’ll know our four Roost Regional Qualifiers: one Match Play Medalist, one Crossroads Cup Champion, and our team champions (2) of the Roost Major.

Want to chase glory and qualify? Bookmark the roadmap.

Key dates:

  • March 2: Farmer’s Cup @ Park Mammoth
  • (TBD) Roost Major
  • June 30: Deadline for Match Play Medal Final
  • July 1: Start of New Season
  • July 12-13: Roost Regional @ Lawsonia

The top item on my agenda is to secure a date and course for our Roost Major, so expect an announcement for that shortly after New Year’s Day.

Next, we’ll need to formalize pods for the Match Play Medal. I’ll be sharing a signup form in the Refuge and Discord. Want to get a jump start before the Event is posted? Sign up here.

Finally, if you are available and have not signed up for the Farmer’s Cup at Park Mammoth, we have a few spots left. Two great Airbnbs, great competition against High Cotton Club, and an incredible course. Our second season as a Roost will begin on July 1, 2024 and give us a great deal more time for competition and Roost Regional qualification.

If you have friends or family that want to get involved, get them connected and competing. Thanks again to every one of you for setting a great foundation for this Roost, and I look forward to all we have ahead of us in our inaugural season together.

Happy holidays, everyone.

Your Captain,