Roll Call: Indiana - Old Broken Bucket registration #1309 -

Preview of border battle result with HCC?



Y’all field a roster yet? :new_moon_with_face:


That’d be more pragmatic than the co-op runs

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No Palmira? That was my (and 100s of IL and Wis) Covid lockdown escape.

Just a heads up- I’m planning a 2024 Wisconsin golf trip with my son and may need a fourth. Erin Hills, Lawsonia, Sand Valley. Anyone interested?

Heard Palmira may be turned into a subdivision in the not too distant future.

Can you elaborate on the 202?

Hoping the dates Aaron drops line up with my bargaining powers with the wife. That’s a heater of a Wisco trip

First thoughts are the week starting Memorial Day, as my son will already be flying in for the 500.

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Shit, 2024. The function key “4” doesn’t work on my computer keyboard and I don’t always catch it.

Was planning 4 people but if there’s enough interest…

^this is the Co-op energy we need… know a few guys in here can attest to these three stops being unforgettable, and well worth the time and money.

Land support that? Some hills, swamps, seems like drainage already for the area.

I’ve got a good write up on the trip I took with my dad last year- hope this helps. DM me with any questions.

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Anyone know of a connection to Maple Creek CC on the east side of Indy? Planning a trip, thinking about doing a complete Dye itinerary. Would be awesome to tag that one on.

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While we’re at it, I’m doing something similar, but was looking for a Crooked Stick Connection. Any luck here?

teeps. Maple Creek sucks. Play the Fort twice. (seriously though, I’ll see what I can do).

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^The Fort is awesome

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The Fort was one of the first ones on my list of potentials. Also have Bear Slide on there as well.


Hit us up when you wanna play Bear Slide. Lot of us in the area and its a fantastic course.

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