Roll Call: Indiana - Old Broken Bucket registration #1309 -

Hey y’all, putting out a call for anyone that’s interested in connecting more and even a potential Roost in 2022-2023! We don’t really have a fresh Indiana roster so check out the Google Sheet attached and get involved. I took the one from earlier in the thread and copied names over but cleared out everything else so double check that you’re in there.

Since our state is so spread out I split it into 5 regions that are labeled in the “Regions” tab. These are arbitrary but I tried to keep it ~2 hours from East/West and North/South for each region. Thinking this will help us get playing partners together and help set up future Roost events.

Last tab is putting out a call for potential Roost names. We’ve got a couple already populated so drop any more in there and vote if you’ve got a favorite. Anyone with artistic abilities please reach out to talk logos!

Looking forward to connecting with more of y’all and hopefully getting this Roost off the ground!