Roll Call: Houston

Fairly new to the board and first post…

As mentioned, Gus has been thriving during this shut down. I’ve only lived in Houston 6 years and haven’t hit more than 10 courses, but I’d argue that Gus is the best value in town behind the new home of the Houston Open. Once they finish raising capital for phase 2 of the renovation it’s going to be even more popular.

Always interested in making more golf contacts if my 14.5 is accepted.


Snagged a 4:10 single tee time for Wednesday at Memorial. Excited to get back out there and pick up a birdie or two!

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I think I’m going to try and get out there Friday afternoon. I’d have to think the course looks great with this extra time to breathe. Makes me wonder if the Houston Open team had anything to do with that.

Anyone know when they plan to shut it back down leading up to the tourney?

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The closure did wonders for Memorial. I was able to get on yesterday evening and the fairways were much greener, the rough was grown up a little bit. You do not get any roll through the rough as it’s thick enough to tug on the ball and stop it pretty quick.

The greens were in similar shape as before the shutdown and you can tell they aerated a while back.

They planted some baby trees along several of the holes and got rid of the fence along Holes 1 and 3.

Drainage is amazing there - it rained a ton on Sunday and I could barely tell.


Hey guys…I grabbed a tee time for 3 people at Memorial on Friday at 12:10 PM, but forgot about plans I already had. I’m going to have to throw it back.

Does anyone want a heads up when I cancel and it goes back online?

Good Evening to our neighbors in the west,

My fellow New Orleanian refugee @LivingLagunaLoca came up with a good idea for a large scale meet up in New Orleans. Check out the thread he created and let us know what you think. This is hoping that life is back to normal by the proposed date. Y’all come enjoy the hospitality and we’d love to get something on the books for the next time our Saints are playing in Houston.

Duel on the Bayou: Saints vs. Sinners

Let us know if you can make it and throw in a good idea for the stakes. Get creative, y’all! If you haven’t seen the course then check out Strapped: Louisiana. Any questions on lodging, etc can be posted and I’ll happily guide you. Hope to get some feedback from y’all. Cheers!

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Is anyone playing in the Nextgengolf City Tour event at BlackHorse on Saturday? A friend of mine is looking for a couple of guys to join his team. Unfortunately I can’t make the tourney this weekend. All of the details are on here -

If you sign-up, just let me know and I’ll ask the Nextgen guys to add you to our team.

I’ve got an extra slot for 9:20 AM tomorrow at Gus Wortham. I’ll cancel if no one bites, but I figured I’d ask here first.

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Hey Guys – Just found this thread, I’m over in the Heights, I’m a high-handicap working on getting better. Been playing about once every three weeks lately, pretty much all-over the city. I typically play with a friend who’s much better than I am, so I’ll let yall know if we ever need a 3rd/4th!

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Hey, Heights residence but grew up on the NW side of town. I learned today that Raveneaux is now open to public tee times on week days in advance of its closure later this year. Times are wide open. I’m curious if anyone knows what type of shape the course is in. Thanks and be well.

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Never played Raveneaux, but always wanted to. I’m guessing that they won’t be spending a lot of money on improvements over there. $60 on weekends before noon and $45 after noon. Might be worth a try.

It was good back in the day. I might get a round in for old time’s sake.

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Super late here but Conroe/Woodlands/Montgomery checking in…

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My father actually had the course record at Raveneaux when we were members back when I was growing up. Some great memories there, might have to get out there for one last round to send it off.

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I’ve never been to Jersey Meadow but I’ll be going tomorrow after work to check out the driving range. I’m at 290 and Hollister so 5050 Acorn is closer, and while I enjoy the vibe, I can’t stand that it’s always just dirt.


Should priority #1 of this thread be getting on at Bluejack?


Would love to play when I’m back in town, whenever that might be.

I have had offers to play Bluejack twice and both times the offer came too late and I couldn’t get out of work. One time the guy that went instead of me, who is probably a 25-30 handicap, made a hole in one. One of my best friends is Patrick Reed’s caddy so Patrick usually gets him on for a round after a win. I’m hoping they win another here soon now that I have more free time.


Uhhhhhhh dude? I might close your DMs for a bit.

You mean his brother in law right?

Yeah, we’ve been friends since Kindergarten. Justine used to drive us to golf practice in high school until we got cars in junior year.

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