Roll Call: Colorado

Well, I never practice shots inside of 50 yards, so I only knew the parts of the practice area I hated…

City park was a course from a bygone era and I hate the renno. You’re not gonna lose many balls, but two putting is a task, I am willing to duel over this

You’re not going to have any beef from me on this. I liked City Park just fine, but you have to admit it had some wonky holes. I don’t think the course itself will be an improvement, but overall, for golf in the city, it might be pretty good.

I like that they retained the ability for me to hook a hybrid onto 26th Ave.


It’s true, but I’ll take wonky over gimmicky any day, which is a tragic theme of Colorado golf (thanks Jim Engh)

I think a hook onto Colorado is still in play, too!

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Looking for the following recommendations:

-A course to bring someone who hasn’t golfed in years to near Denver
-The best <$125 course near Denver (Fossil Trace or Common Ground?)
-The best <$80 mountain course within 2 hours driving of Denver

Thanks in advance

  • Any Denver City Golf course would be fine. Overland Park is pretty easy.
  • I think the consensus is that the 3 best courses around Denver are Common Ground, Riverdale Dunes and Murphy Creek. If you’re looking for something more unique to Denver, Fossil Trace or Fox Hollow are good foothills courses.
  • Best bet is a twilight time at Castle Pines or Red Hawk. I don’t think a course in the mountains west of Denver can be done for under $80.
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Nice n easy - Overland, Applewood, and honestly commonground is pretty beginner friendly and a must visit

Under 125 - if you’re willing to drive 20ish mins south, Bear Dance is killer, can’t go wrong at Murphy creek or Riverdale Dunes either

Mtn - generally most of them are gonna be 100+, except for copper creek, super fun shorter track at the base of the ski area. Breckenridge golf club and Keystone have afternoon rates though that can get ya under 100 usually, both are solid :ok_hand:t3:


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Ok I’ll probably stick to non-mountain courses then. I used to live in CO before I was a golfer so I’ve seen my fair share of them

Riverdale or Murphy?

Oh boy… thoughts guise?? image

I’d probably go Riverdale based on value. Murphy front 9 is great, back 9 is so-so. Riverdale (dunes specifically, not the other course) is a great Dye design that’s a lot of fun to play, and is priced really well. And maybe best breakfast burrito in the city.

Easily Riverdale for me. Murphy Creek holes 14-17 leave a real sour taste in my mouth.

Common Geound over both though.

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This. Although with better spelling.

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Walnut Creek is sneaky good too


Ya I asked between those two because I’m deffo doing Common Ground

Ok then Riverdale Dunes over Murphy, but I’d give thought to Bear Dance (deals can be found) or Fossil Trace. FT isn’t the best track, it’s a bit gimmicky and seems to be mostly tourists, but it can be fun if you’re an outsider to play in the rocks and foothills.

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This is a good idea, too. Walnut Creek is really strong. It’s a tough walk though.

Any disagreements should be settled at walnut in a 20 mph wind