Roll Call: Colorado

CommonGround is just fantastic. How was the golf course? Been a few weeks since I have been, how was the ball mark situation and were some of those thinner areas growing in on a few fairways?

The fairways spots were growing in great and the greens were great. Some of the collars/runoffs were a bit long…but that might be a post men’s club day without a cut.

Just seeing this so I apologize. I live at Griffis union Station in downtown - totally recommend the building it’s walking distance to a lot of the downtown social things, 3 blocks from union station and there are a plethora of restaurants, bars, breweries and grocery stores within a few blocks. We have a 2 bedroom and pay around $2200/mo with parking storage and other things. I work in the apartment industry so if you want some good and free insight just DM me - I know most of the properties in and around dt in addition to being able to tell you about almost any public golf hole on the 80+ public courses that are within an hours drive of downtown Denver.

Here’s a patio view of Coors Field… I may have had a few barley pops one night and tagged it with my rangefinder (400 yds exactly)


Thanks man! I’ll definitely reach out as we get closer to making a decision. And did you say 80+ public courses?! Impressive.

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I posted it in the PNW thread but do you have insight on grip choices for life up there? I’ve played Pure Wraps for the last six or so years and like how soft but tacky they are. I don’t remember them giving me problems in the rain in Scotland, but it’s been a while and I wore rain gloves. I imagine I’ll be facing wetter conditions more often in Oregon.

You got any favorites for golf up there? I know most people like the Tour Velvet or the MCC or UTX. Any other standouts? Do you know folks that use rubber grips?

I’ve played GP Tour Velvet Cords for the last 15ish years, which includes 7 years living in Scotland. So I’d say they’ve been well tested in multiple rainy locations :slight_smile: .

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Great to know. I really don’t like cords but I can reconcile with them if they’re that much better in the wet.

If you don’t like full cord grips, I found the best compromise is Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound

Has cord in the top half and all rubber on the bottom half. Assuming you are right handed, you’ll have a glove on for the corded section and your right hand will be on all rubber.

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Funny. As much as I like how the MCC looks, it’s probably lowest on my list of grips I find comfortable. But I think I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll have to go corded or some sort of hybrid, so MCC may be an answer.

Yeah it’s a firm grip but it doesn’t tear up the hands like full cord (if that is a problem for you). The other option is rain gloves, although in a downpour, cord makes a big difference even with rain gloves.

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I’ve got FJ rain gloves that are awesome. MCC even tore my hands up years back. I play somewhat more often now so I may not have that issue these days.

Hi folks,
Wife and I are coming in to Denver in July for 4 nights. We had some plans that were derailed by Covid, but we plan to do some fly fishing and hit some state parks. What are a couple of “Don’t miss” kind of things in and around Denver besides the obvious Touristy spots. Looking for some possible evening excursions, good restaurants/breweries, sights that might be off the beaten path.

Just got to CO Springs. Trying to find a house, but playing a good amount of golf each day, mostly at the Academy but testing the waters around town as well.

Just played the Country Club at Woodmoor very tight and much different track from almost anything you’ll find around here. You can gat a good GN deal for it…


I don’t think you’ll find a much better course in the springs than the Academy, except for maybe Broadmoor and Flying Horse. I love the Academy and have been wanting to get out there again for a while. It’s awesome.

Yeah looks like we’re going to live on Pine Creek but doubt I’ll play there much.

Let me know when you want to play. Civilian guest rate looks like it’s $60 to walk $16 for cart. Something of note though they appear to be running a special spend $100 in the shop and get golf and cart free. Shop prices are pretty good too.

The website says only DOD card holders right now but the shop said if people can get on base they will let them play.

I’ll let you know for sure! Do you know what it takes to get on base these days? I’d love to take my wife down there because she loves “pretty” golf courses, but I wouldn’t want to take her out for any sort of serious round.

we should get a Colorado contingent gathering together at Eisenhower some day, worked there in high school, the blue course might be my favorite in the state. If we can get clearance to get on the base, the course is open to the public

You grew up in Colorado Springs? Yikes. Sorry about that.

Yea the springs stinks, ok place to grow up, but stinky to stay

however, Eisenhower is an absolute gem