Roll Call: Colorado -- Super League Playoffs & PJM cosplays as Jordan

Cool. I’ll have to give him a try. It’s been a struggle for me to find a good club fitter in town. I used GolfTec once, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of their fitting. Club Champion is great, except they try to upsell you on fucking everything, so you end up spending double what you were thinking. D’Lance is supposedly what most elite players in town use, but I’m not sure they’re great for non-elite players.

Four Mile Ranch is worth a day trip. There are a few quirky holes there and it was a fun change up from the usual track.

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If anyone is ever feeling a bit frisky, a few miles east of Colorado Springs in Falcon is a little track called Antler Creek. I believe it’s still on the top ten list of longest courses in the world tipping out at over 8,000 yards.

Anyone know of any courses in/around Denver that are currently open or might be opening today/tomorrow before we get more snow? I need to get out

Dan definitely doesn’t try to upsell you. If you do a driver, woods or wedges fitting he won’t let you buy it until you take it out to a range and see how it fits your eye as far as ball flight goes.

If you’re looking to play, I think the best bet is the further north you go the better chance you have of finding something open. Seems like they didn’t quite get the amount of snow from the last storm.

It does tip out over 8000, however, the last time I was out there a couple of years ago, the back boxes that let it get that long weren’t even maintained. You could barely tell that they were there.

Sorry for the multiple replies, still trying to get the hang of this forum system.

Yeah someone mentioned that CO National might be open, but it’s a hike for me to get up there from Littleton, especially for probably just 9 holes (new 9wk old baby at home). Hoping weather holds up enough tomorrow, South Suburban said they should have some holes open

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Overland Park is open. Fox Hollow is open. CO National is also open. Don’t know about any others open (Foothills and Fossil Trace are closed). @DenverGolf5280 is Denver Golf’s twitter and it posts updates on when Denver courses are open.

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Thank you! I had no idea about this twitter feed. Signed up to receive instant notifications anytime they tweet. Hopefully I can get out to Fox Hollow this afternoon before the shit hits again this weekend :frowning:

Anyone know of a decent midweek league in Denver? Just moved out here from SF, working through the reality that golf isn’t a 52wk a year sport out here and itching to get something going for the spring/summer.

Gonna try to get a round or two in this week before the snow comes back over the weekend.

@DeadMan Thanks for the heads up on that twitter feed.

I am up in Fort Collins. I picked up golf for the first time 5 years ago and I am hooked. All my friends fly fish and hunt so I am a bit isolated with a crew to play with. Love to walk and play early. Regardless if I hit them between the screws or get the shanks I always have a good time.

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I’m in the Common Ground men’s club too, it’s definitely a good group and I’d encourage anyone interested to join. Even if you don’t join the men’s club, consider supporting the caddie program and taking one from time to time. As a former caddie I may be biased, but I recently saw that one girl who caddied for me at CG went on to Cherry Hills and received an Evans Scholarship this year. That’s awesome.

Currently staring out the window of my office as another bomb cyclone comes through and continues to put the brakes on golf season, while my first new set of clubs since graduating high school in 2001 sits in the closet.

@mofo313 The Meadow Hills men’s club has a Monday evening 9-hole league as part of their men’s club and Overland Park has The Razz, which I think is a Tuesday and Thursday morning skins game.

@redbeard_golf Count me in if you want to get a group going or an NLU outing at CG. I live in West Wash Park and work a pretty flexible 9-5, I’m down to play pretty much anywhere.

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I grew up right in this area and played Meadow Hills to death as a kid. It was our home course for my first few years in high school and then once Saddle Rock opened we played there a bit too (that may have only been my senior yer, though? Maybe junior, as well, can’t remember for sure). But man I played the hell out of the front nine at Meadow Hills all those years.

When I was a kid in the summers the city would offer golf clinics at Aurora Hills and Meadow Hills and they were pretty worthless but the draw was that if you did the clinic you could play the back nine for $1 afterward, so me and several buddies were in those all summer and we played a ton of golf on those courses.

Don;t live in Colorado anymore. I went to Tucson for college and never moved back, though my parents still have the house at Peoria and Yale.

If anyone’s interested I put together a calendar of 2019 Denver area golf tournaments/outings/events, google doc link is below. I also have the Common Ground men’s club calendar in there if you want to see what that schedule looks like.

Feel free to share, edit and add to it. I have a 16-month old, so I try to plan a lot of golf in advance and put it on the calendar, makes scheduling a lot easier with my wife.

2019 Denver Golf Calendar

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I’m super jealous of the Common Ground men’s club. As I mentioned, I grew up in Denver/Aurora.

After Lowry closed, the course was jointly operated by Aurora and Denver muni systems (called Mira Vista). It wasn’t any good, really, but it was better than Aurora Hills, at least, so I played a good number of rounds there.

Finally got to play it as CommonGround two summers ago and was just so, so, so impressed. Told my dad as we were walking up 18 that I was tempted to move back just so I could play there all the time.

It’s not a world beater, and it’s not trying to be. Just really engaging community golf.

When does the CG Men’s Club season start?

Any ideas on where we might be able to get a tee time this Sat am? Slacked and just went to look and basically everything is booked at this point.

In reality it has already started, however the first two events were cancelled due to snow. The next event is April 27 and are essentially every other saturday after that.

Heading to Breckenridge at the end of this week and will be there for a week with the in laws. I did my research when they booked the trip and know that many of the courses up in the mountains won’t even be open while we’re there through the first week of May. Anyone have some suggestions on what I should look into? Driving back to the city isn’t ideal but would absolutely do it if that is the only option. Also, down to play with anyone if you’ve got the time while I’m in the neighborhood.

Close to a 0% chance that any mountain courses will be open in the first week of May (side bar: unless you’re doing backcountry skiing or something, that time of year is mud season in the mountains and it can be pretty miserable). We’ve had a lot of snow over the winter, and I doubt any mountains courses will be open anytime soon.

Your best bet will be a course on the west side of Denver. Fossil Trace is probably the closest, which is about 1 hour 20 minutes, maybe an hour and a half away from Breck. Other courses in that general area are Fox Hollow, West Woods, Homestead, and the Meadows (add 10-20 minutes travel time for those). Fossil Trace is probably the best for an out of town visitor looking to get a unique course, followed Fox Hollow.

You will essentially drive right by Fossil Trace between Breck and the airport, so you could time it so you play the day you arrive or leave (unless it’s a weekend, because you’ll need time for traffic).

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