Roll Call: Colorado -- @Preston wins inaugural Super League, receives a broken trophy

Used to have our work league at Walnut Creek. That Par 3 14th is a beast in the wind.

Only 140’ish from the one ups but could be anything from a SW to a 5 or 6 iron depending on the wind.

And if the wind was from the west on 15, downhill Par 4, woo boy. You felt like you could drive the green.

I think I’ve said this before, but I’m on record as really enjoying 14-17 out there. Can’t say why, but I do!

When you’re playing may rule Murphy out anyway. They’re closed until March.

It’s okay. We’re all allowed to have wrong opinions. :slight_smile:

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Probably playing in June

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Colorado contingent - @aannddyy00 is setting up a trip in mid July to the Gothenburg, NE area for golf. If more people are interested we can carpool.


boy do I love some corn husker golf, I could be convinced into sending this, given it’s a stones throw from home

Hey all! Just flew in to Denver about an hour ago for a ski trip up in Beaver Creek/Vail. Staying the day in Denver and headed up tomorrow morning to Beaver Creek. I didn’t realize it was going to be nearly 60 degrees!

Where would you all recommend I go out and try to play a round today? I didn’t bring my clubs, so a place that has decent rentals would be ideal.


It’s going to be hit or miss. We got snow a week ago and despite the temps, many of the courses are still thawing out.

Where are you staying in Denver? I see Riverdale Dunes has some openings starting at 1pm but that is up north in Thornton/Brighton.

Downtown Dwnver

Speaking of balmy weather, any one wanna stroke some whites tomorrow? Looking very launchable

Yeah, none of the City of Denver courses have tee times. Green Valley Ranch doesn’t. CommonGround doesn’t. Most of the City of Aurora courses do not. Murphy Creek, Saddle Rock. Nope.

Fossil Trace does not. Indian Peaks does not. Hyland Hills does not. Anything getting south or west, close to the foothills, like Bear Dance, Foothills, is going to be a no go as they have even more snow than we do up north.

Walnut Creek up northwest in Broomfield has some late afternoon. Colorado National in Erie does. The aforementioned Dunes appears to.

Oh, Raccoon Creek does! Southwest out in Littleton. (but I’d definitely call first, seems strange that they’d be open).

But you’re looking at a bit of a haul for anything. Walnut Creek would be up off of US36 on your way to Boulder. Riverdale Dunes is out northwest of the airport. Colorado National is up I-25 to Highway 7.

You’re a day early, it looks like many of the courses are holding off until tomorrow to open back up.

Look at Fox Hollow. Quickly. It looks like they have a couple of tee times open.

Most places aren’t going to be open today, though. Still a decent amount of snow on the ground.

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I could be convinced if I’m in town. I’ve been meaning to do a day trip/overnight to Wildhorse for a lonnnng time.

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It’s been a year since the last discussion of fittings happened in this thread. Dan Weitzel still the guy to go to? Is there someone else I should check out? Is CC in Highlands Ranch good?

Between an email from D’Lance this morning with some fitting specials and the chatter in the Club Fitting thread about folks’ experience at CC, I’m itching to upgrade my AP2s…

I have an indoor hitting membership at D’lance, I love those guies. Definitely not cheap but their work quality is really tough to beat. Trackman fitting, adjustments, the whole shebang. Dan and PJ would also flame me if I suggested another shop lol

Great to know. Do you know anything about their fittings at Fairways up in Superior? I’m closer to that location than the Englewood location.

OH YEA. It’s funny their fittings actually get completed down at dlance. Good high school buddy works at fairways, ask for Chris, he’s also an instructor too so he’s not gonna over fit ya

PS they’ll bring any fittings back to fairways too I believe

I had a great experience with Mitch at Club Champion fwiw.

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No way! I’m pretty sure Chris teaches my buddy’s kid. They have nothing but great things to say about him.

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