Roll Call “Chicago”

Anyone interested in a trip to the Bourne this Saturday?

@BadBrad @HackMarkham


I’ll be out of town this weekend :cry:

What time? I may be interested if it’s in the afternoon.

Should we get real crazy and do PrarieView on Monday?

Ahh, we’ll have to do Bourne another weekend. For those interested, plan on a morning tee time and likely scramble format.


I booked a 2:00 spot for Sunday (the 26th) at Prairie Landing if anyone else is interested in some Sunday afternoon golf. Never been there before but for 67 bucks it seems like a great time to try. 3 spots open on their website.

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Playing Highlands of Elgin at 2:50 on Sunday with a buddy. We’’ be hoofing it if anybody wants to walk with us!

Introducing my friend to NLU with the Mayor of Mt. Prospect on 6/27 at 10 am at MPGC. Room for one more on the tee sheet




Just booked a 7:50 saturday at spring valley cc if anyone wants make a trip to visit the horse :slight_smile:

Joined. 2 spots remain open for some Sunday afternoon golf at Prairie Landing.


I have two spots open at Village Links on Sunday at 12:30 if anyone is interested.

Anybody looking to play Saturday afternoon?

I forgot (or rather ignored) how much of a cluster F Harborside can be. Hoped to beat the backups with an 8am tee time this morning and began waiting on #2. Additionally, they must have promised Port to a scramble for a 1pm shotgun, so it looked like a handful of groups got kicked off the course around hole 16/17. What a joke.

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This weekend is ended up open for me, so going to spend some time tonight looking for some early options tomorrow morning - if anyone north/northwest is looking to get out.


I am interested if still available

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You’re in!

Anyone need a fourth tomorrow. Got through 15 this am before the rain, but it didn’t scratch the proverbial itch.

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would love to rejoin you guys for the actual match after the friendly at winnetka if the fourth space is still open