Roll Call “Chicago” (Part 1)

My cousin and I are walking Chick Evans at 10:50am Sunday, open invite to anyone that wants to play. Two spots still open, $33 to book on their site.

Just went to book and it was there and then gone. I’ll give them a call if they are open tomorrow.

Hello Chicago NLU’ers- hope you’re all well.

Inquiring on if anyone knows of a weekday golf league- but here’s the catch- it’s in the morning ( I work evenings and weekends). I played a lot in 2020 and want to keep it going in 21’ and was thinking a league would be some good fun. Live in the city, have flexibility with location.

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this is a stupid question



Couldn’t see it available on their website but was able to book a single on GolfNow. See you guys on Sunday

@Timdean I have a similar schedule and I’d be down.

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Check this thread @Timdean and @Dashfast we expect to do it again next year


Thanks for the tip - I’m not sure I’d be stoked committing to Sydney/Waveland (no offense) for the whole season, but would be interested in a rotating morning league.

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Offense taken.



Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.
It’s been one hell of a year thanks to all of you, and here’s to more fun in 2021 :+1:


Happy holidays to you guis. Nothing worthwhile to post to the useless thread, but got gifted ten rounds to Calumet Country Club. Worst case they don’t open come spring and I chain myself to a tree so my GF’s money wasn’t spent in vain.


Do we know if this thread will be in front of the paywall after Jan 1? I don’t usually venture out of this thread so may have missed any announcement.

Regardless! Bump to solicit anyone interested in getting together for games and events in 2021 to check out Jbors post below

We think it’s staying in front, but really we don’t know for sure.

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@TheAbeFroman and I have a few hours booked at 5iron Monday & Tuesday. Open spot if anyone wants to join.

Monday: 1pm


Got a 5iron gift card for Christmas. Can’t make those times but hopefully we can get together in the future.

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@chockfullofthat I see Sunset Valley still has the pins in…

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Working through a bit of an off season swing change (from a fade to draw) and hit up St. Andrew’s heated range stalls for some practice. Was hitting it pure so walked on for a quick 18 in this balmy 20 degree weather. Obviously played terrible.

First time playing on a frozen track… my brain was overwhelmed trying to figure out yardages between cold temp, wind, rock hard greens, and my gained distance with my updated back flight.

BUT…I think i had fun and will be a year long golfer from here on out.


I have a smoking hot take that the best thing for golf the business would be for golf the professional sport to be played in cold climates in shoulder seasons (and later) so people don’t think the game is all green and short sleeves on TV.

I know I know. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I was actually thinking about how @Randy and @MerchCzar need to do a Strapped for off season (read: cold weather) locations.

I thought 40 degrees was my cut off, but I really felt fine in 20’s today.


If the Killhouse Five changes their minds and threads like this go behind the paywall - thanks to everyone here for making the shittiest year on record markedly less shitty. I used to play like 90% of my golf as a single praying I didn’t get paired up with jackasses and being able to find this thread and arrange games with fellow sickos in minutes made golf so much more fun for me. Plus Cog Hill, Olympia Fields, and Canal Shores were absolute blasts.

If we wake up tomorrow and this thread hasn’t faded away like the imaginary friend in Inside Out let’s keep this rolling into 2021. Here’s to more weekend games and more events.

(Don’t forget there’s a link to a Whatsapp chat a few posts above)


Bing bong ain’t dead homie, that’s canon