Roll Call: Canadian NLU Fans & Golfers


Hmm not ideal but no doubt #worthit


Awesome to see this thread, another YYC guy here. Play outta Sirocco and worked at Heritage Pointe and Shawnee Slopes as a kid (more then a decade ago). Grew up playing Highwood as a junior.


YYC as well, play out of Sirocco


@JDWilson @DriverOffTheDeck @AVMacan what have you guys heard about Mickelson National?


Head out to Kananaskis and play Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette. They are reopening after the devastating flood.


A lot of nothing, I know they put down a bunch of sand so that it could play firm and fast which is great. I went out there probably a year ago and the lands good and you could see it taking shape, hopefully they don’t put a bunch of trees out there like in the mock ups. If they keep some width it could be awesome, if not its gonna be like Glencoe forest where its almost too hard to be a lot of fun. I know they’re still really trying to push memberships and Hamptons is grossly overfull because of it. I played Whisper Rock but that was almost 8 years ago but I do remember enjoying it.


Not much…

I was looking at the Hampton’s to join years ago and they did the hard sell of Mickelson. It’s supposed to be a championship course capable of hosting prime events…

I’m not a huge fan of Windmill golf. They’ve destroyed Hamptons, ripped out another course for condos, silverwing is the worst condition course in Calgary and area, boulder creek is a swamp and springbank is ok i guess but really its a good nine hole course with a farm back 9.


my boss is a member out there… run around there a half dozen times a year…


Don’t trust windmill not to mess this up…


I have seen a few photos on twitter @mickelsonnational & @MNGTTurfcare & @mc3eagle. Photos looks like it has a lot of potential, bunkering looks like it has lots of fingers. Trees look sparse and having biked in the area a number of times, there certainly aren’t a lot of trees naturally there. I would say it has a ton of potential, looking forward to it opening.


I heard they’re allowing and even encouraging Mickelson members to not pay annuals at hamptons this year cause it is so overbooked



Never liked hamptons design. Some of the holes are a design travesty. Last time i played one the of par 5’s was down to a par 3 because a home owner was suing them over balls in their back yard.

They are removing 2 of the nicer holes in order to build a condo and houses

They have no practice area, you basically hit floaters into the lake. Way overpriced.


Hey all from New Brunswick. Have played a great many of the New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI courses if there are any questions.